Giving back to the family that raised him

A former NPH child, now a full-time tutor in our school, speaks to the importance of positive role models for children as they grow up.
June 13, 2019 - Peru

Benito celebrates his birthday with the children of NPH.

NPH Peru is a family now nearly 15 years old. As such, it has many members who have left our home and are out in the world working to achieve their dreams. Many of the children who grew up in our home are now adults who have full-time jobs, have families of their own, and help support NPH Peru. Benito is one such hermano mayor, a term meaning ‘older brother’ that refers to people who grew up in an NPH home and now live outside of it as adults.

Benito came to NPH Peru when he was 14 years old. After finishing school, completing his year of service, and graduating from university, NPH Peru offered him a full-time job as a tutor in our school. Now, Benito lives a life of his own, but still supports NPH through his work every day.

Understandably, his life has changed a lot. Now living outside of the home, he has assumed many more responsibilities; however, he still feels at home while working at NPH, especially due to the warm reception he receives from his students. While the rules in the house have changed over the years and the physical campus has many new buildings, he still believes that, like when he was growing up, having a positive role model to look up to is one of the most impactful things that can be present in a child’s life.

Benito shares that he learned many valuable lessons at NPH Peru. His caregivers taught him to value the opportunities he received and use them to move forward in life.

"Working with and supporting the children of NPH makes me feel like a father figure to them," continues Benito. He deeply appreciates the relationship the children have with him and he hopes he can use his example to help them grow to be responsible adults, too.

"I am happy to be an hermano mayor and continue to be able to support NPH." He hopes that the children see the support that he and all the other staff give to them, and that they remember they will always have NPH Peru to call home. "I am very grateful to NPH and for everything that I learned from living here."

Benito feels privileged to have been surrounded by loving caregivers and other positive role models at NPH who formed him into the individual he is today. With his job in our NPH school, he hopes to have the opportunity to give back and provide that example for others.

Scarleth Mendieta   
Communication Officer Assistant




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