Learning Therapy Helps Children Succeed

The NPH Peru Learning Therapy Program helps children find success in class.
June 13, 2019 - Peru

Patricia Borjas in her Learning Therapy Program classroom.

At NPH Peru, we work hard to provide holistic and meaningful education, taking steps beyond traditional classrooms to help our children succeed. Our Learning Therapy Program is one such example of our approach, providing individual support to children to help them stay on top of their studies.

Patricia Borjas is a specialist in early childhood education. She began her career in learning therapy in May 2018. She has a mindset ideally suited for a nonprofit, knowing that "every day there is something new to learn."

The Learning Therapy Program supports children with learning disabilities to develop positive learning techniques and grow into independent students. Children are worked with one-on-one and in groups to receive a wide range of stimulation and support from multiple environments.

Crafting activities help children develop their creative capacity, while also reinforcing fine motor skills. The goal is for children to be able to work well in a variety of environments by the time they leave NPH.

For Borjas, it is important to also help children develop their self-confidence and to show tolerance, patience, and love to help fully guide them through their therapies. To do so, all therapies are designed according to the specific needs of each child.

"Seeing the children meet their goals and improve each day is one of the most satisfying parts of the job. For a child to advance, he or she has to be comfortable and confident with whoever is working with them in sessions. This individual focus supports them to set goals and eventually succeed.

Scarleth Mendieta   
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