“NPH Offers Children an Opportunity to Make Their Dreams Come True”

NPH Peru’s Social Worker speaks to the difficulties facing children living on the street, and how organizations like NPH give them a shot at a better life.
July 18, 2018 - Peru

Tía Madelin Ponce, our social worker.

Violence, poverty, dysfunctional families, and other forms of abuse are some of the reasons why a child has to leave their home and seek refuge on the street. Many “street children” are involved in illicit activities or drug use, and sadly, many of them face an uncertain future.

The outlook for children on the street is often not bright, and can even be dangerous. "In various areas of our country there are cases of labor and even sexual exploitation, in addition to human trafficking. In many rural cities, children from an early age consume drugs and are involved in gangs," says Madelin Ponce, our social worker.

She also tells us that many children in Peru are victims of abandonment because their families do not have enough economic means to support them, and as a consequence, "they have to face many social problems, inequality, and even being deprived of accessing basic needs, like education.”

The Peruvian government does not have enough resources to put an end to this major social problem. However, thanks to the different organizations that work to ensure the integrity of those unfortunate children, many find in these homes a light of hope to move forward and get out of that circle of poverty.

Against this background, there are organizations such as NPH Peru that "can provide these children the attention and care they need, such as a place to live and feed them, as well as a good education. The love and sense of family that we want to offer them is very important as part of their development. In summary, NPH Peru is like a new opportunity they have to build a better future, away from all those difficult situations they had to live."

“The arrival of a child at NPH Peru is determined by judicial order. A process of custody investigation is opened in the Family Court. Children who come here are usually those who have health deficiencies, such as cases of malnutrition, in addition to emotional problems for abuse experiences, neglect and abandonment, " says Madelin.

A proof of this is the story of the first child who arrived at NPH Peru in 2004: "In our home, we have a young man who is now a university student. He entered as a street child, and we welcomed him after his parents abandoned him. Today anyone can see his personal growth: He adopted new habits of hygiene and personal care. In addition, you can see his aspirations and motivations, which he has acquired throughout his stay at NPH. It is a great achievement for him to pursue a professional career, and I am certain that he will be a great lawyer," Madelin proudly adds.

NPH Peru offers our children the opportunity to dream and our young people the opportunity to pursue their university studies. They live in a safe and peaceful environment, where they can focus on their studies and strive to achieve their goals.

Cindy Supanta   
Communications Officer




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