Tio Roger

Five areas of advice for fellow caregivers.
October 26, 2016 - Peru

With Miguel Venegas at our 2015 quinceañera

Tío Roger has been a part of the NPH Peru family for just over ten years. He has been a caregiver for the boys of all ages and is an integral part of the team. During free time you can find him playing soccer with the boys or chatting with some of the older pequeños. For Tío Roger NPH is an, “Extensive family in which [he] feels happy to be a part of, and is where children can succeed in their lives to become useful people for their family, community, and society in general.”

In our permanent location in San Vicente de Cañete, NPH Peru has just over 100 children from as young as three years old to as old as twenty-six. As each child comes from a distinct background and their needs vary greatly so there are many ways to be a good caregiver.

Throughout the many years Tío Roger has spent as a caregiver he has gained some valuable experience. Here are five lessons that could be valuable for other caregivers:

1. “When the children arrive to the home it is important to receive them with tenderness. You can show this by giving hugs, respect, and accompanying them as much as you can. We have to remember that it is the beginning of a new reality and life for the child.”

2. “Have the ability to show love and kindness.”

3. “Have patience to guide the child without becoming irritated. This can be harmful to the child and the caregiver.”

4. “Build trust as it is a great tool of respect.”

5. “Be perseverant with the work that you do, but always show respect for the child in understanding where they have come from and hurdles they have to overcome to attain their goals."

The role as a caregiver is not a job, but more like assuming the role of a parental figure. A caregiver accompanies the children in their daily lives. They are with the child when he needs help with homework, or to teach them how to do things like ride a bike. A caregiver is the primary contact that our children have here. Together, with other staff members, they work to prepare them to someday have their own independent lives. Our caregivers who emulate "patience, trust, perseverance, and tenderness”, as Tio Roger mentions, are key components to our team here at NPH Peru.

Anna Hester   
Communication Officer




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