Patience and Love are the Keys

“Watching them grow up makes me happy.”
October 19, 2017 - Peru

Everyone calls her "Leti"

With a tone of nostalgia, Leticia remembers that she has just one month left to finish her service for NPH Peru. Although she will miss the home very much, she is happy and grateful for everything she experienced and found in this place that she considers her eternal home.

Leticia arrived at NPH Peru at the age of 12, and now she is 22. After having completed her year of service and accomplishing her studies in tourism and hospitality thanks to the governmental program Beca 18, nowadays she works as one of the “tías”, taking care of the little ones in the kinder house.

Everyone knows “Leti”, as we call her. We know the dedication and love that she gives to the little ones, taking care of them with much patience and a calm demeanor. She gains their trust.

"I like their curiosity, what they say, what they do, teaching them, watching them grow up, attending to their problems. You also learn how to care for each one of them individually." During her time at work, she says she has met many children and each one of them is unique and special; she has seen them playing, laughing, crying, and today they are all her wonderful family.

Leticia says that the key to carrying out this job is to have a lot of passion, dedication, and love to be able to help, understand and advise children. "Sometimes, even when you have a lot of patience, it can be exhausting, but then you breathe deeply, you look at them again, think about it and realize how beautiful your job is and how much you love them."

NPH Peru is more than a job for Leticia. It is the sweet home that taught her many things: education, values, responsibility for work and studies. She learned to enjoy spending time with the little ones and to be part of their lives, teaching them along the way that education is important and they should take advantage of every opportunity in life.

Cindy Supanta   
Communication Officer




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