"God Calls Us to Serve in Many Different Ways"

A psychologist at NPH Peru reflects on the personal and professional change that has come from working in her new extended family.
March 20, 2018 - Peru

Tía Zhayuri, our psychologist.

Our Psychology department has three professionals, and tía Zhayuri (tia or ‘aunt,’ the NPH title given to caretakers and others who help raise our family) is one of them. Like many of the employees here, for her NPH is not just a workplace. It means more than that, because "God calls us to serve in many different ways," as Father Wasson said.

Although she was very young, she always had a vocation to be a psychologist, since she showed interest in the social problems she saw around her and felt that she had to do something for those in need. So she entered university to start her professional training. For her, "Psychology is a career full of service and love, besides being interested in the person who is in front of you."

Tía Zhayuri joined the NPH Peru family 10 months ago, and her job as a psychologist-psychotherapist allows her to work with 37 children. However, she is always in contact with the general population of children and youths through the programs, workshops and evaluations she carries out. "I work for NPH Peru because my job has always been focused on this target population, and I can contribute in some way to the welfare of each of them."

One of the things she likes most about NPH is the founder’s philosophy. She recalls that "during my induction training, I learned with greater depth about the mission, vision, goals and objectives, history of NPH, and I noticed that everything has a biblical basis.

Since then, I was surprised and delighted by that foundation, because this is the reason for being of NPH Peru: It is a work of love and service to the little ones. When I arrive at NPH Peru every day, for me, it means peace. Listening to the children’s voices who yell hello from a distance or run towards you to give you a hug; walking through the corridors of the house and see every child asking when their next therapy will be; or when you leave the house, and they say goodbye to you with a warm hug or "see you tomorrow, tía"; all of this is special for me."

Without doubt, belonging to the NPH Peru family has changed Zhayuri's life, both personally and professionally, "because now I am someone more sensitive and strong at the same time when I have to face certain difficulties. For me, it is an opportunity to make a change, to know that I can be useful for these children through my profession. That is why I continue training myself academically, to look for new psychological strategies, to be more creative when working with children through therapies. I also learned that if there is a difficult situation with them, I must be patient because problems are temporary, never eternal."

Tía Zhayuri has lived many experiences in NPH Peru, and today she feels part of this large family, "in which my coworkers, as well as the children and youths, each of them with their different characteristics and stories, have changed my perspectives on life."

Cindy Supanta   
Communication Officer




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