nerves and pride
December 10, 2011 - Nicaragua

three happy, but nervous graduating pequeños

Three tough youths in gowns have found themselves a quiet place at the back of the dining hall, their faces looking unusually serious. The nerves have gotten the best of them on this joyous and memorable occasion, their graduation from secondary school—they are about to receive the diploma that will open the doors of the university to them. Sure enough once their big moment was there, enthusiastic shouts were expressed when their names were called, and the nerves gave way to pride.

These three youths were part of a group of 16 who celebrated their graduation on the first of December. On this day, the NPH Nicaragua family also celebrated the graduation of 25 pequeños from primary school. Another important accomplishment in the past academic year was the completion of vocational courses by 48 pequeños, who dedicated themselves to gain knowledge and improve their skills in a variety of courses, such as mechanics, English and beauty school.

The graduation began with a mass, which was followed by the official entry of all the graduating pequeños who were welcomed with a warm applause. The audience was then witness to a moment of great importance in the life of the graduating pequeños, each of them taking an important step towards a brighter future. There are many stories behind the diplomas that were received this day. One of the graduates of primary school had dedicated himself to work and could not read or write when he came to NPH four years ago, but now at age 18, at last he has his diploma. Another primary graduate used to be in the section for special children, but had a great desire to read and matriculated into a regular school; to him this diploma is a big milestone. The pride these pequeños felt was earned by great effort, and shared by the entire NPH Nicaragua family.

The graduations being such an important and essential event for the NPH Nicaragua family, after enjoying dinner together, the celebration continued with a party, to dance off those last nerves.

Moniek Werkhoven   
Communication Officer




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