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Our Sweet Fifteen

From girl to woman
October 15, 2011 - Nicaragua

The celebration of her fifteenth birthday is the dream of every Nicaraguan girl—crossing the line from girl to woman, dressed in a beautiful pink dress, being a princess for a day. Such a celebration is not within the possibilities for every Nicaraguan girl, but on Saturday the 1st of October, this pink dream came true for nineteen pequeñas at NPH.

the cake [1/10]

In the afternoon the girls, looking stunning in their pink dresses, made their entrance in the beautifully decorated dining hall Santiago. As the quinceañeras sat down underneath a pink sky filled with butterflies, mass started, giving thanks to God for having allowed them to reach this important age and celebrate it. The mass was followed by the traditional waltz, which was enthusiastically received by the public. It was then time for the padrinos and madrinas to step in and enjoy a waltz and a toast with the quinceañeras. The dining hall was then transformed back into its original state and the NPH Nicaragua family and its guests enjoyed a special meal.

After dinner it was time to celebrate as the dining hall underwent another transformation, offering up a dance floor that soon enough filled with pequeños moving to the sounds of regaeton, kumbia, salsa and merengue. The dancing was only interrupted by the singing of "Happy Birthday" to the quinceañeras and cutting and enjoying the cake.

Memories to last a lifetime were made during this special day, as nineteen girls said goodbye to their childhoods with high expectations for the future. This is not the last celebration for these girls though, NPH hopes to celebrate their graduations from secondary school and university—they may have taken a first step towards adulthood, but this pink day was just the beginning. To be continued…

Moniek Werkhoven   
Communication Officer


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