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You Are My Brother

Pequeños reaching out.
December 10, 2011 - Nicaragua

Hundreds of children were waiting on the grounds of the local parish as the NPH bus arrived, filled with clothes, shoes, games, snacks, pequeños and volunteers ready to bring a few moments of joy into the lives of the children of this poor community of Granada.

folklore [1/10]

The pequeños used their talents to present several cultural performances to the group of over 400 children, ages 0 to 7. Three folklore dances were presented, a pequeño sang reggaeton, there was a dancing contest and a group of pequeños dressed up as clowns and stole many smiles with their performance. After the presentations it was time to play, as the pequeños hosted a variety of games; puzzles, fishing, and drawing, among others. The children also enjoyed participating in the piñatas; each of the eleven homes of Casa Padre Wasson had made one especially for this occasion. After the games each of the children in the community was given shoes, clothes and a snack before heading home. Not much later a group of tired but content pequeños left the parish.

The outreach project allowed the pequeños to unite and dedicate their talents and time to the less fortunate, which they did with joy, following the steps of their beloved father Wasson. The event did not only give pequeños a chance to make a difference, but also confronted them with the hard reality of life in Nicaragua and reminded them of their own blessings.

Moniek Werkhoven   
Communication Officer


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