Valentines Day and Carnival Extravaganza

Combined holiday celebration in Guatemala
February 23, 2012 - Guatemala

Montessori School's Decoration

Although it seemed like just a normal day to the rest of Guatemala, February 17th was a special day to Casa San Andres, our home in Guatemala. Recently there was a big celebration here at Casa San Andres. The school decided to combine the celebrations of Valentine’s Day and Carnival into one big celebration.

All week long the kids were getting ready for this big event during their classes. They made posters and signs to decorate the corridors and the cafeteria where the event was taking place. Of special note was a large sign wishing everyone "Happy Valentine’s Day."

As the day started everyone gathered together in their respective classrooms to put the final touches on the presentations that they were going to give to the entire school. As the classes filed in to the cafeteria, you could feel the excitement in the air and you could see all the hard work that they had put into the posters on the wall. Some of the posters had poems and others had pictures; it was a truly beautiful sight to behold.

One of the poems on one of the posters read: “One day love asked friendship ‘Why do you exist if I already exist?’ Friendship replied ‘Because I bring a smile, where you leave a tear. When I looked for a friend I didn’t look for a perfect one, I looked for friendship because that is what matters the most.’”

As the event started everyone was sitting with their class anticipating what the other classes were going to do. Some classes sang while others danced and there was a class that went up and played a song on recorders and sang along. It was amazing to see all the hard work that all the kids had put in during the week.

Once the celebration was over, there was a great opportunity for all of the employees who were in the midst of the annual spring-cleaning at the house to get to spend time with the kids. There were two employees cleaning each section of the house and everyone pitched in to help. The cleaning ranged from sweeping the floors to scrubbing down the bathrooms. It was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know the faces that they see in and around Casa San Andres every day.

When the cleaning was finished, it was time to celebrate. A volleyball tournament was started at the house where everyone got to see Jader’s, our house director, competitive side. While volleyball is still a relatively new sport in Guatemala, it is being taught to all of our kids who thoroughly enjoy playing it and just having fun. There was a new rotation of players every game and there was no real score kept. In the end it was just pure fun.

Liz Guerra   
Communication Officer




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