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February 23, 2012 - Nicaragua

Welcome back!

On February 15th the Genoveva on-site school at Casa Padre Wasson opened its doors to pequeños and external students as the new school year started. The new school year brought new hopes, as some are just taking their first small steps and others can already see the finish line.

New in the offer of our school this year are kindergarten and the fifth and last year of secondary school, completing the entire primary and secondary school cycle. Also new is the possibility to study the first three years of secondary in only two years, an option offered to pequeños who finish primary school at a relatively advanced age.

While the kindergarten classroom is still filled with many cries each morning of some of the youngest who are struggling to adjust to this new experience, in another classroom minds wander off to the graduation later this year. Djember, one of our indigenous pequeños, is from a small village with limited educational possibilities. He says he could never have imagined he would come this far, and being in the last year of secondary fills both him and his family with pride and happiness. Meanwhile at the other side of the building Luisa is learning to read. According to her, being in first grade is nice, especially because her teacher is pretty.

Every weekday 100 children and youths from nearby communities join 147 pequeños in the classrooms of our school. In addition to the new external students, we have also welcomed four new teachers, and two volunteer English teachers. With the start of the school year both pequeños and external students, supported by teachers, educators and volunteers, once again are giving the best of themselves as they take on the challenge of moving ahead and keeping up the reputation of NPH.

Moniek Werkhoven   
Communication Officer




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