13 Years of Dreaming Together

Celebrating their XIII anniversary with games, food and fun!
December 18, 2017 - Peru

Celebrating Mass together

It has been 13 years since NPH opened its doors in Peru! Every December 10th, we celebrate with joy another year since our house was founded, dedicating our work to our children. As always, our ceremonies and traditions followed the philosophy and teachings of Father William Wasson, incorporating these themes into our day.

At 8 am, it was a cold morning, however, with the mass in charge of Father Carlos Oré, his blessing and our prayers, it was enough for all of us together to light a flame of love in our hearts and get our anniversary celebration started.

After mass, we wanted to immortalize that moment of joy with the group photo of the pequeños and caregivers together, as the family we are. Everyone, wearing red t-shirts and with a big smile, posed for the cameras.

The administrative staff, caregivers and volunteers were organizing this event for a couple of weeks. This is how five teams were formed, which were named after NPH values: Faith and service, responsibility, work, sharing, love and security. The morning was going on and we started with the action games: ‘Be careful with the aim’, ‘catch balloons’, ‘giant feet’, ‘fast and furious’, ‘knock me if you can’ and ‘the quick worm’. This is how our children learned about the importance of teamwork and they were very excited.

After the games, our volunteer Eva-María surprised us with a Zumba class and all very spirited were encouraged to follow her dance steps. After a strenuous morning, a break time was necessary to get ready and go to the great lunch: a delicious ‘pachamanca’ was waiting for us in the general dining room. As always, we began with a prayer of thanks to God, and we ended with a speech from our National Director. In addition, the winning team of the games was announced, and it was the Love and Safety team!

In the afternoon, after lunch, the weather changed. The sun gave us rays of light to continue with our celebration: some children, youths and caregivers played sports such as soccer and volleyball; while the little ones attended a Christmas children's show, with contests, games and dancing. This celebration ended with the “hora loca navideña”, in which everyone danced with balloons in hand.

The celebration of our anniversary meant a moment of reflection for all of us. All the work we have been doing during these 13 years in favor of our children. Our NPH family will treasure this moment in their hearts, and will always keep in mind that together we can help our children achieve their dreams. NPH Peru celebrated its 13th birthday and, without doubt, the best birthday present will always get is a child’s smile.

Cindy Supanta   
Communication Officer




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