The 5 Best Christmas Gifts

Our NPH Guatemala reflects on how the best gifts you can give at Christmas are things you can't wrap in a box and put under a tree.
November 19, 2018 - Guatemala

Children's looks that reflect the love and magic of Christmas.

Christmas is the best time of the year. It is the perfect opportunity to spend time with family, to reflect, to forgive and forget offenses, to thank God for the benefits received throughout the year, and especially, to celebrate the birth of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The children, employees and volunteers of NPH know how to give the best Christmas gifts. At Casa San Andrés in Guatemala, the Christmas season is everyone's favorite time of the year, and the Christmas spirit is felt everywhere.

These are the 5 best gifts you can receive at NPH Guatemala.

1. Smiles

The universal symbol of emotional well-being is smiling. A warm and true smile conveys peace and happiness. A smile can change the mood of any person.

"To me, the smiles of the children of NPH convey unconditional love," says Evelyn Gómez, who works in local fundraising in our main office.

2. Hugs

The physical contact of hugging someone helps increase the levels of the so-called "love hormone," or oxytocin. It is also considered a therapy because hugging promotes well-being and relieves stress.

"I feel good and I feel special when I receive a hug" says Edita,* a little girl from NPH.

3. Spending Time Together

“Compartir” is the word used in Spanish for sharing time with someone. Passing time with others helps improve emotional health, helps improve the environment and communication, and is essential to strengthen emotional ties.

"The most meaningful thing we can do for the children is spend quality time with them. We can create happy memories of talking, playing, and laughing with an adult who truly cares about them," says Caroline O'Sullivan, NPH Volunteer.

4. Thankfulness

Saying "thank you" creates many opportunities in life. “Thank you” are words considered magical; when you are grateful you can focus on what you have and not what you want. The result is being happier.

"Gratitude is to know that material things are secondary and that life is a gift from God. Thankfulness means simplicity of heart,” says Ester Santizo, Administrative Director.

5. Words of Affection.

Positive words reach the part of the brain connected to emotions. They stimulate self-esteem and generate joy.

"I give and I receive words of affection because we all deserve to feel loved by others," says Mike,* an NPH University student.

The NPH Guatemala family invites you to put into practice these wonderful gifts, and wishes you a joyous Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

Sofia López   
Communication Officer




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