NPH Clinics Provide Valuable Services to Local Communities

Learn about how our community clinic is working to provide quality healthcare to neighboring towns.
April 9, 2019 - Honduras

Welcome to NPH Honduras’ community clinic! Since 1988, it’s been serving neighboring communities by providing low-cost, reliable, and high quality healthcare.

At NPH, we believe that every child deserves good healthcare, because every child deserves a future. That’s why we’ve expanded our professional care to our surrounding communities, so that low-income families can have access to the resources they need to stay healthy and become active participants in their own well-being.

Our community clinic, established in 1988 at our NPH Honduras home just outside of Tegucigalpa, has become one of the best primary medical facilities in the area, annually serving about 3,000 patients from neighboring towns. The clinic offers general practice medical services and includes an adjoining pharmacy and laboratory that provide prescription medicines and same-day laboratory testing.

Patients young and old, women and men alike, return week after week Monday through Friday to take advantage of our low-cost, reliable, and high quality healthcare. From the gates of NPH Honduras, it’s a short walk to our clinic where pharmacy coordinator Norma Díaz, physician Marta Baca, head of our medical lab Sandra Flores, and our volunteer health professionals are waiting to greet them.

Working together, our team helps tackle some of the population’s most pressing health problems, like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and respiratory issues, as well as various childhood illnesses. Although our patients come specifically for health services, like checkups and lab tests, they also come for the warm atmosphere characteristic of the NPH family.

By employing locals from the community, we provide patients with the bonus of having familiar and friendly faces walk them through the steps to achieving better health. Our staff prepares them for medical exams, provides them with medication, and gives them information necessary to make changes and lead healthier lives. We also host health education talks on a monthly basis and partner with donating organizations to subsidize their medical costs, which ultimately improves general public health.

Treating 20 to 25 patients a day may not seem like a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s having a huge impact on our neighboring communities. By providing professional and affordable medical care, the mothers and fathers who come to our clinics can better focus on their work and caring for their children, while the kids have more time to worry about their homework and friends. By keeping families healthy, we’re helping them to stay together and contribute as members of our society.

Arielle Augustin   
Communications Officer




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