An NPH Hermano Mayor Takes a Leadership Role

Dr. Edwin Vallecillo is appointed as NPHI Director of Medical Services.
August 4, 2019 - NPH International

Dr. Vallecillo takes time to play with the children of NPH Honduras.

NPH International is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Edwin Vallecillo as the new Director of Medical Services.

Edwin is an Hermano Mayor and a lifelong high achiever. He came to NPH Honduras in 1994 with his seven siblings. In 2006 he attended the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana, Cuba, on full scholarship, where he spent the next seven years pursuing his medical studies.

During this time his passion for the mission of NPH and his attention to the needs of his home did not waver. Each year he returned to NPH Honduras to support both the staff and clinical operations.

He completed his medical training with an emphasis in disease prevention and health promotion. In 2012 he returned to Honduras to put in two years of service with the Honduran public health system in order to validate his foreign university degree. These years were spent in the northern region of the country focused on hospital and primary care. In 2015 he joined the medical team of the NPH Honduras internal clinic.

Dedication is just one of Edwin’s strengths. His dedication to his studies, to his vocation, and to his NPH Family fills each of member of the NPH Global team with pride. Edwin is a living testament to the small and large sacrifices each of us makes in our daily work to support and nurture our children and youth—our pequeños.

Since joining the NPH Honduras medical team, he has demonstrated his skills in not only treating patients, but also leading with purpose. He has worked to cultivate an environment of collaboration and multidisciplinary excellence among the staff in order to best meet the needs of a diverse population.

As a professional, he values the assessment of public health challenges at the local, national, and international level. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Public Health. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, reading, and sports.

Ever humble, Edwin acknowledges the impact of his example on the children of NPH. He says, “I consider NPH my home. I aspire to contribute to its growth and sustainability. I am honored to have this opportunity to continue to serve our family and all the families who take part in NPH programs. We all carry on the legacy of our founder Father Wasson.”

He took up his new responsibilities on August 1 from his home base of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. His new role includes responsibilities as Regional Medical Coordinator for Honduras and Guatemala. Dr. Vallecillo succeeds Dr. Pilar Silverman who retired at the end of July.

Dr. Pilar Silverman graduated from the School of Medicine Hospital de Santa Cruz y San Pablo in Barcelona, Spain in 1981. She joined the NPHI Medical Service Team as Medical Director of Medical Services in 2008.

The NPH family is dedicated to investing in the careers and talents of our youth and former pequeños, such as Dr. Edwin Vallecillo. Learn more about our NPH Youth Development Program , which supports our youth in building their skills as they work toward their career goals.

Nicholas Rogers   
Communications Manager




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