Local University Provides Dental Care for NPH Peru

Thank you to the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences dental program for giving our children dental examinations!
March 17, 2019 - Peru

Our medical team makes plans with the UPC dentists.

We are always happy when our NPH Peru family grows. This time, it grew with the help of 30 local dental students. The Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (Peruvian University of Applied Sciences or UPC) offered dental examinations to more than 100 of our children in February. And we were more than happy to welcome them into our home.

In November 2018, NPH Peru leadership began talks with administrators of the UPC Dental Career Center focused on the possibility utilizing UPC students to do a series of exams for the children of NPH. For the two organizations, it would be an exchange of time and professional services for the opportunity of real-world patient experience.

So, with plans in place, a contingent of 38 people—30 dental students accompanied by their instructors—came to NPH Peru family to perform examinations for the children. And our kids loved welcoming them into the home!

For Project Manager Olga Pérez, this partnership represents a great step in further developing programs that foster the health and well-being of our children. "Given the diagnoses made by UPC faculty, our hope is to have a second visit to resolve the cases of cavities that were found in this first visit."

Providing exemplary healthcare for our children is a priority across all of our NPH homes. We know that frequent medical exams for our children is important and necessary, for it allows us to thoroughly monitor and support the children through whatever health complications they may already have, while also preventing new issues from arising.

Recognizing the facet of our healthcare philosophy, UPC students and faculty also provided dental care trainings to our caregiving staff; ensuring that once they leave, we will be able to monitor and better care for the day-to-day dental health of our children.

Diego Falcón   
Communications Officer




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