Mayor of Milan, Italy Visits our Pediatric Hospital in Haiti

Mayor of Milan, Letizia Moratti Visits St. Damien Hospital and Haiti President, René Préval
May 29, 2009 - Press Release - NPH International

Mayor Moratti with Fr. Rick Frechette

The Mayor of Milan, Letizia Moratti, visited the NPFS St. Damien Hospital. She felt emotionally involved in our projects, understood Father Rick Frechette's hard work and she said she would like to help us.

The same day we went to the government building, where we had an unexpected meeting with the Haitian President, René Garcia Préval and we talked with him about our NPFS organization. Father Rick discussed with him and the Mayor a collaboration between Milan, Italy and Port-au-Prince, Haiti that could pass through Fondazione Francesca Rava NPH. President Preval has also asked to be invited for an official visit to St. Damien Hospital in Tabarre.

Ten children from the St. Luke street schools in Wharf Jeremie arrived at the airport, wearing Casa dei Piccoli Angeli (Kay Germaine) t-shirts to welcome Mayor Moratti. Proud of this mission, they were wonderful and stayed with us the whole visit. Knowing where they came from, the conditions they live in and considering the fact that they may not have eaten since the day before, I was looking at them like heroes – heroes of love, peace and hope.

They not only need our help, but they deserve it; they deserve it beyond any obstacle and any difficulty. I would also like to share with you the beautiful pictures taken by Stefano Guindani, already on his 3rd trip to Haiti since December 2008. Please visit to see his beautiful photos.

Photos by Stefano Guindani.

Mariavittoria Rava
Executive Director - Fondazione Francesca Rava/NPH Italy ONLUS




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