Third Annual NPH International Medical Workshop

Infectious Diseases–Prevention and Care
May 12, 2009 - Press Release - NPH International

Workshop Participants

On April 19th, the NPHI Medical Services team welcomed sixteen medical professionals from all nine NPH homes- doctors, nurses and pharmacists-as they arrived to San Juan del Obispo, Guatemala, for the third annual NPHI Medical Workshop. The objective of the workshop was to provide all of the NPH clinics with accurate and up-to-date information, practical activities, as well as guidance and assistance in developing the best possible system of integral health care to our children. Another main objective was to combine our efforts in moving away from focusing solely on curative medicine but in implementing the push towards disease prevention and health promotion.

The Medical Services team is constantly striving to provide continuing education to the local staff on important health related issues as they are presented in our homes. As several cases of tuberculosis were diagnosed in our homes within the past year, and the number of HIV positive children being accepted to our homes is constantly on the rise, we chose to dedicate this yearŐs workshop to infectious diseases.

We are so grateful to have been able to attend lectures given by infectious disease experts that came from Guatemala City, from Hospital Roosevelt, Hospicio San Jose, the Damian Foundation, the National Program of HIV/AIDS, an epidemiologist came from the Ministry of Health of Guatemala, and an expert on vaccinations and professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health also gave a lecture on the importance of childhood vaccines. As we move towards health promotion, we also invited a nutritionist from the family clinic at Hospital San Juan de Dios in Guatemala City, who gave an excellent presentation on nutritional needs of children of all ages.

With the continuing efforts of the Medical Services and Family Services teams to combine our efforts in ensuring the overall well-being of the children of NPH, a presentation created by Donna Egge of the Family Services team was shown, and group activities followed to discuss how the teams can collaborate to provide the best care possible to our children.

As we have observed over the past year that there is a need to better coordinate the dental care provided by NPH, the local dentist of NPH Guatemala was invited to present on the importance of dental care for our children. The hope is to better incorporate the dental needs of the children into the overall health care system within our homes.

Each clinic received at least one binder with the beginnings of the NPHI Health Care Manual, which includes a copy of the NPHI Health Policy, standardized forms that have been developed over the past year, as well as detailed information on important health care issues in our homes, such as standards of health care for new children as they are accepted into the family, routine health screenings for employees in the homes, care for HIV positive youth, vaccination programs, protocols for preventing and properly treating and managing tuberculosis cases, and other important public health measures.

This year's medical workshop was an overwhelming success. The participants provided positive feedback on the program, and they were quite interactive throughout the week, taking full advantage of having experts present to answer all pending questions they had.

We would like to thank all of those who have helped to fund for this year's workshop. This priceless educational experience would not be possible without all of our sponsors and donors.

Annie Kautza
Regional Medical Coordinator




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