A Day of Fun for Pequeños and Their Padrinos

Godparents take their pequeños to the lake.
January 17, 2012 - Guatemala

Edwin and his padrino Max

A group of 41 pequeños got the opportunity to go to one of Guatemala’s natural beauties, Lake Atitlán, with their padrinos (godparents). A group of high school students from Brophy College Preparatory High School in Phoenix, Arizona recently made a trip to our home in Guatemala. Many of the boys are godparents to the children at the home and, during their visit, they wanted to go on an excursion with the pequeños. The day started timidly at breakfast since many of the pequeños were meeting their godparents for the first time. They asked many of the basic questions such as “What music do you like? What’s your favorite color?” and so on. As the morning went on the basic questions turned into conversations and the day was off to a great start. After breakfast, the godparents and their pequeños filed onto a bus and were ready for a day of fun at Lake Atitlán.

The fun and excitement continued on the bus when the bus driver put on music and everyone began to sing and dance. As they approached the lake there was nothing but excitement on the faces of the pequeños and, when choosing a seat on the boat, they chose to go to the roof to get the best view possible. The singing and dancing from the bus continued on the boat as music was playing from the boat’s loud speakers. When the boat finally arrived in San Antonio, there was a rush to get to the restaurant so that everyone could eat.

After the restaurant it was time for shopping. Some of the godparents bought little souvenirs for the kids to have as little mementos of the time that the pequeños got to spend with their godparents. When the shopping was over, it was time to get back on the boat and head home for the bus trip to Casa San Andres. Once on the bus it was easy to see that the fun filled day had taken its toll—everyone was napping and resting for the next day.

This is just one example of the effects that groups of sponsors and other visitors can have on the pequeños at Casa San Andres. They are happy to have visitors and they get to form a stronger bond with their godparents. You can see the joy on all of the pequeños’ faces and just how excited they are to see and spend time with their extended family. The opportunity to come to Casa San Andres and to visit and interact with the pequeños is special. If you have made a visit to Casa San Andres, then you know the positive effects that your visit has on the pequeños.

Liz Guerra   
Communication Officer




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