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February 13, 2012 - Guatemala

Liderazgo Group

Recently NPH Guatemala received a visit from some very special guests of the NPH family. Representatives from NPH Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Peru, and Bolivia were at Casa San Andres to participate in a taller liderazgo (leadership workshop).

According to Donna Egge, one of the coordinators responsible for putting on the workshop, a purpose of the workshop was to help develop the potential of future service leaders within NPH in all of the countries in which we serve. This is in line with the mission of Fr. Wasson to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and energy between all NPH youth and to further strengthen the ties and unity of the ever-growing NPH Family.

Father Wasson’s vision was always to help develop the strengths and potential of the pequeños so that they can serve their family and community. “To have 43 youth and young adults here in NPH Guatemala for the 3rd Annual International Youth Leadership Workshop was an honor and dream come true,” says Donna Egge, “To see their energy, harmony, and spirit come together in the name of Father Wasson was an inspiration to us all.”

Within this workshop there were eight areas of focus. They were service leadership, learning and knowing strengths and challenges, worship/prayer, qualities of a strong leader, teamwork/working in groups, spiritual leaders in our world, values in leadership, and humility in leadership. After each presentation and discussion, there was prayer and a period of reflection to permit the ideas that had been exchanged to gradually sink in and to be fully comprehended.

It was truly an incredible thing to see how all of the pequeños from each of the different countries take and use Father Wasson’s message in their daily lives. On the day that I sat in and listened to the pequeños, they were talking about the values that Father Wasson had taught to all of his children; these values include sharing, security, and responsibility. Something that was mentioned by each country was how they didn’t mind giving back or following through on these values. They were just happy to be with their brothers and sisters in the NPH family. It is something that is truly inspiring and is seen in every NPH pequeño and not just the ones who were participating in workshop.

When given the opportunity to speak with two of the participants, Marlon from Nicaragua, and Wilmer from Guatemala, they both had great things to say. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves during the workshop and they both learned quite a bit. According to Wilmer, “I learned to become more aware of the type of leader that I want to be and how to help my NPH family in the future. I also learned to appreciate all the opportunities that NPH has given me."

Marlon said, “I have learned how to serve with love, be a leader in a group, that in life nothing comes easy, and that if you share your personal values you can change the life of one person."

Although each participant took away something different from the workshop, they all took away the teachings of Father Wasson which are that we here in the NPH family to try to instill love, respect and sharing in our children on a daily basis. Marlon said in the workshops that the pequeños were taught to appreciate and to enjoy the friendships that they have; “I am excited to know that I can count on my brothers and sisters from other countries because we are all united.”

After the workshop the kids were able to return home with new ideas, friends, and dreams to help the carry the message of Father Wasson to all NPH pequeños and to anyone else that they encounter. This workshop was a great way to bring the NPH family close together and to provide a positive interaction within the NPH family.

Liz Guerra   
Communication Officer




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