The Kids go to the Movies!

Thanks to a donation from movie theater company Cinépolis, our kids celebrate "Children's Day" with a fun trip to the movies.
September 12, 2012 - Honduras

The first bus full of kids leaving before sunrise.

Our children recently got to do something very special; an outing that might seem quite ordinary to youth living elsewhere, but for our pequeños here it was a truly exciting experience in which they seldom partake. Thanks to an incredibly generous donation from Cinépolis, a large movie theater chain in Latin America, on the national Honduran holiday of Día del Niño or "Children's Day" our kids got to go to the movies. The theater gifted free tickets to every single child, caretaker, and volunteer on the ranch. So on Monday, September 10th, our pequeños enjoyed their special day free of school and full of fun.

Fields trips that involve the entire Ranch are always a bit tricky. In order to take all 400 of our kids to the theater at the mall in Tegucigalpa, our two buses had to makes two separate trips, meaning four busses full of kids. Factor in travel time to and from the mall in the city over an hour away, and in order for everyone to make it on-time to a 10 AM movie our first buses had to leave the Ranch at... yes, believe it...4:45 AM! Getting to the mall long before it had opened, the early birds waited patiently in the grass outside the theater while the busses delivered the rest the kids. With all this early rising and waiting, you'd think you might hear some complaints from the children, but there was not one to be heard. Even on the earliest bus ride, our children were singing with excitement in anticipation of the day's event.

Once the entire Ranch had arrived and it was approaching movie time, the kids lined up in the theater lobby to receive their complimentary popcorn and soda before finding their seats. Spy Kids: All The Time In The World, was the feature film, and it had the children all but rolling on the floor with laughter.

"The movie had so many funny jokes" says 15-year-old Diego. "I liked that the kids in the movie had to save the world."

Filling three entire theaters, our children enjoyed the film to the fullest. They were engaged and respectful throughout the whole film, realizing how special of a field trip it was to be all together at the movies.

"We normally don't have the opportunity to do activities like this with the entire Ranch, so we are very grateful for this fun day," says Diego.

Once the film ended, the busses began to bring the children home. The ones who had to wait got to spend more time at the mall, another experience equally as exciting for our children who, despite being surrounded on all sides by electronics and toy stores, found the most pleasure in riding the escalators up and down repeatedly.

We give a very heartfelt "thank you" to Cinépolis for this wonderful donation. It was indeed a unique and exciting day that our children will continue to talk about for months to come.

Hunter Johnson   
Communication Officer - NPH Honduras




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