A Visit From the Famous "Banda El Limón"

The Grammy Award winning band spends an afternoon with our children
August 29, 2012 - Mexico

Our youngest children run out to greet the band.

This week marks the first week of classes for our children, with summer activities winding down and the focus shifting to the classroom. But before they could become too focused on school, one afternoon, after classes were let out, our children were treated to an afternoon they will never forget. Our home for the younger children in Miacatlán had the pleasure of hosting the Grammy Award winning La Original Banda El Limon musical group.

This band is a Mexican band made up of 17 members including the vocalists, trumpet, tuba, clarinet, trombone, bass and snare drum players. The band was first created in the 1960s and has been around in one form or another ever since. In the year 2011 they won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Banda Album.

Upon their arrival, our National Director, Rafael Bermudez introduced the members to the home, and explained NPH’s history to them. The band members then introduced themselves to the children and challenged them to remember the names of all 17 band members. The band was wonderful with the children and when our youngest children ran over to hug the band members during introductions, they picked the children up and welcomed them with open arms. Although the band did not bring all of their instruments, they treated our children to a short performance where band members, Lorenzo Ronquillo and Luis Pagola, sang the songs “El Mejor Perfume” and “En Primer Lugar”.

The musical performance was followed by a clown comedy performance during which the band members went and sat with the kids to watch it. They sat with the youngest kids in their laps and signed autographs for the children in their school notebooks. But their kindness did not end there. After eating lunch with our children, the band members handed out popsicles to every child and presented a generous monetary donation to our home.

Clarinete player, Francisco Lizárraga Hernandez, said, “The experience that we had today is incredible. I am very happy to have shared it with all the people, and all the kids. It’s an experience that you don’t have every day.”

We want to thank all the members of the band for the kindness and generosity they gave to our children. It was truly an incredible day for our children and one that will never be forgotten.

Elizabeth Caletka   
Communication Officer




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