In Commemoration of Our Lovely Friend Mary Beth

A deeply sad moment for our family
February 27, 2012 - Peru

Our smiling grandma

This month was a very sad month for our family in NPH Peru as we had to say goodbye to a very special and long-standing friend. Grandma Mary Beth unfortunately passed away on the 13th of this month. In order to honor her, we had a commemoratory mass on the 20th of February where all our family prayed for Mary Beth's soul.

Mary Beth not only was special because she was a good friend of our founder Fr. William Wasson, but together with her husband she supported our big NPH family over many years. In 1996 she visited the NPH Home in Nicaragua and volunteered there in the baby house. Together with her husband she also visited Haiti, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic. Furthermore, she attended our annual international meetings in Mexico.

Fortunately we also had the pleasure to meet Grandma Mary Beth together with her husband in December 2007. She visited us in Lunahuaná and stayed for more than one month, including Christmas Eve, which was a very special time for us. Our children still remember her very tasty cakes which she prepared for all of us. She even held workshops for our children, in which she taught them how to prepare the cakes. Her husband also volunteered with her, working in maintenance. Our national director and his wife had a deep and longtime friendship with Grandma Mary Beth, whom they met in Nicaragua in 1996. She even attended their graduation.

Grandma Mary Beth was a special member of our big NPH family, which she supported so much and not only financially, but also with the time that she shared with our children. She was also the godmother of one of our pequeños who described her as a humble person with a big heart who felt unconditional love toward all our children. We will all miss you Mary Beth and we pray for you and believe that you are watching us from above.

Monika Babski   
Communication Officer




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