The Final ISUOG Ultrasound Training and Graduation

Training in ultrasounds helps to reduce maternal and neonatal deaths in Haiti.
February 28, 2013 - Haiti

The first day of training for ultrasound at St. Damien Hospital

Twenty-four Haitian gynecologists and obstetricians completed the third and final training session on ultrasounds. It was conducted by the world famous and prestigious International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG). This was a two year program sponsored by the Francesca Rava Foundation of Italy through “NPFS” Nos Petits Fréres et Sœurs. ISUOG’s goal is to partner with Haïti with the purpose of reducing maternal and neonatal death rates in this country. To that end, participants in the training, held at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital from February 18th through the 22nd were from several other hospitals and clinics in Haiti.

At the graduation, Father Rick Frechette led everyone in prayer and addressed the audience, graduates in particular, about the mission of NPFS. Dr. Gautier then addressed the audience, pointing out the history and successes of NPFS. She was followed by Dr. Jean Edgar Aupont, Chief of the Maternity Division of St. Damien Hospital, who shared with the audience the vision of the developing use of ultrasound, prior to handing out the Certificates. We would like to give special recognition to ISUOG for coming to Haiti, and coming with volunteer trainers such as Dr. Jean Claude Furon, Dr. Lisbet Hanson, Dr. Enrico Ferrazzi, Dr. Bettina Hollwitz, Dr. Andrea Paganelli, Dr. Gidde Storup, and Dr. Ellen Roets. Dr. Hanson, leader of the ISUOG team in Haiti, and Dr. Furon. He is a premier Fetal Cardiologist and Professor from Canada who has received plaques on behalf of St. Damien and the students in recognition of their contribution to the training. Although ultrasounds are not a part of the training for Haitian gynecologists and obstetricians, Haiti, however has been using ultrasound for a number of years prior to this training. Haitian medical professionals fund their own training in ultrasound, and travel to other countries to master this technique. It is a necessary tool in the industry for the diagnosis of high risk pregnancies and other related conditions. In a post-graduation interview, Dr. Aupont says that at St. Damien Hospital, which specializes in high risk pregnancies, the science of ultrasound has proved extremely useful as the doctors and midwives are becoming more adept at applying ultrasound techniques in the care they administer to their patients. The Maternity ward of St. Damien, currently has a capacity for 42 beds, 5 delivery rooms and 2 operating rooms and provides high quality medical care to 13,000 women and assists in 4,000 deliveries a year.

Trainees received practical hands-on training in which ultrasound tests were conducted on high-risk patients, and diagnoses were formulated with the aid of the instructors. Three excelling students, who have gone through the training in the past, will be the future trainers. Drs. Luterse Dupont, Vladimir Lemaire and Inolson Davilmar received their certificates plus special recognition for not only their excellence in ultrasound but their leadership in the training sessions and consistency in administering high quality patient care. By obtaining the ISUOG diploma, the trainees have acquired the means to perform ultrasound in their practice and become trainers themselves.

We want to thank the Rava Foundation, ISUOG, the SHOG “Société Haïtienne d’Obstetric et Gynecologie” (Haitian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology) and all of the medical professionals who helped to make this training a success.

Peggy Parker   
Communication Officer




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