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The Pride of the House
August 6, 2013 - Nicaragua

The women's soccer team training

The women's soccer team at NPH Nicaragua was created in 2004, and since then the team has continued to train. In the last ten years they have had the privilege of having many successes. In 2005 and 2006 they played in the First Division. Two girls were selected by the National Soccer Committee of Nicaragua to play on the football team of Nicaragua. Another one of the girls plays for UNAM-Managua in First Division as well.

Currently, they are playing in the league of San Marcos where every Saturday they must fight again to win first place. In 2007, they represented Nicaragua in Panama for the international championships at NPH and have won first place on three occasions and came in second place two other times.

This season, the team is made up of fourteen girls. They meet on Monday through Friday for training. The training isnít easy, but they seem to enjoy the moment and they give 100% every time. They do it with all the enthusiasm in the world. One of the girls told me, "The coach is demanding, and we train hard to be the best. This is important so that when we are in the field we can give our best, and so that our rivals cannot benefit from our weaknesses. Instead we learn to play to their weaknesses and use our strengths to differentiate ourselves from other teams in the league."

Now, every Saturday they make the most of themselves, they struggle to stay in the top, and bring a victory home for NPH.

Yurena Perdomo Sosa   
Communication Officer




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