Christmas Still Remains a Special Time

Michel, an hermano mayor, reflects on his experience and Christmas at NPH Mexico.
December 2, 2016 - Mexico

Michel and his wife, Sheila

“If I were to return to be an orphan, I would still desire to be a part of NPH.” These are the words of Michel Alexis Zuñiga Pliego, an hermano mayor or “older brother,” who grew up in our NPH-Mexico home. Michel’s experience at NPH has influenced his life in many ways, and gave him the tools to pave the way to a successful career.

Michel studied system engineering at the University of Monterrey. Computers have always fascinated Michel, and he remembers his first computer classes in high school at NPH. After taking a vocational exam, Michel discovered that he would be a great candidate for engineering. These results helped him make the decision to study systems engineering at the university.

Before graduating from the university and leaving NPH, Michel found a job that helped him make the transition into the workforce. While obstacles presented themselves over the years, Michel feels that NPH gave him the necessary tools to overcome the challenges in both his professional and personal life.

Currently, Michel works for Wikitek, an IT company that provides consulting services. Michel works in the systems area where he is in charge of managing the company’s internal communication program using software called SOA. Michel thanks NPH for the success that he has had in his career because his experiences taught him the importance of communication, sociability, and teamwork. Without these tools, Michel says he would not be where he is today.

For Michel, NPH gave him a second chance and he cannot picture his life without the home. While there are some hermanos mayores who have had trouble finding a job, Michel knows that NPH has awarded everyone the same opportunities and tools to move forward towards a better future.

In the spirit of the upcoming Christmas holiday, Michel reflects on his memories at NPH. For Michel, celebrating the Christmas Mass, posadas, piñatas, candy, and fireworks together as one big family was always unforgettable. During the holidays it seemed as though no one thought about the troubles of the past, and instead people dreamed that they could do whatever was possible to achieve their dreams.

Christmas still remains a special time of year for Michel and his family. Michel and his wife Sheila demonstrate the values of sharing and being grateful for all that one has by organizing a posada for the children of NPH in Matamoros. This activity gives Michel the opportunity to help his NPH family while also bringing together his own family. It also gives him the opportunity to raise his children, Alex and Sydney, with the same values that he learned while growing up at NPH. Michel tries to replicate the traditions of NPH in his own family by leaving candy in his children’s shoes on Christmas Eve. While it is a small gift, seeing their smiles when they wake up to see the surprise reminds Michael of his own delight on Christmas morning at NPH.

Michel will always appreciate everything that NPH has done for him and for all of the people that provided him the opportunity to have a better life. He gives special thanks to the padrinos, or godparents, with whom he has an excellent relationship. Michel is also grateful for Father Phil and, of course, the beloved Father Wasson because without their great love for the children of NPH he would not be where he is today.

Kaleigh Barrett   
Communication Officer




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