Celebrating Birthdays

A day long party celebrated together.
October 6, 2016 - Peru

Picking out the best sandals in the market

The sun had set and we finally arrived back to NPH. Thirty children stepped off the bus, one-by-one, while carefully balancing their bags of goodies and leftovers from dinner. We had just come back from the birthday celebration and we were all ready to go to bed.

This celebration occurs every three months, and is where the pequeños who had a birthday during that time period get to share one special day together.

On Saturday after lunch we piled into our NPH bus and made our way to Imperial, a nearby district that is approximately ten minutes away. We go to the market in Imperial because the market is much larger and we can typically find lower prices compared to the market in San Vicente de Cañete.

Once we arrived, the younger children are paired with some older children, and they are each given a set budget of Peruvian nuevos soles. Armed with their lists of what they should buy, they stroll through each aisle independently picking out new clothes, shoes, and other needs that they may have.

This is an opportunity for our children to learn valuable life skills such as budgeting and time management, as they have to be back at the bus by 6:00 pm sharp. After shopping, three cakes were purchased from the bakery and then it was time for dinner. About half of the restaurant was filled with NPH children and staff. Soon salads began to pour out of the kitchen and were quickly placed on the tables. Not too long after this the pollo a la brasa y papas fritas (rotisserie chicken and french fries) were plated and also made their way in front of each child. As shopping can build up quite an appetite, everyone was ready to dig in! Once the tables were cleared the restaurant played "Happy Birthday" on the stereo system, and those who still had room in their stomachs enjoyed some cake.

We want to give a special thank you to all of our godparents who helped make this day possible! Thanks to your support the Sharing Fund covered the expenses of this event.

Eva-Maria, our volunteer in the Sponsorship Department said, “It was a very nice day and it was nice to see the happy faces of the children.”

Anna Hester   
Communication Officer




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