Remembering Christmas Celebrations from Before

How we celebrate at NPH Peru.
December 8, 2016 - Peru

Mary and Joseph

We have seven homes at NPH Peru that are divided by ages and gender. The girls of Casa Guadalupe make up a majority of girls in secondary school. A few of these girls talked about what Christmas means to them and some of their answers were, “faith, remembering the birth of Jesus Christ, peace, love, hope, and happiness.”

We celebrate Christmas on December 24th instead of the 25th, and the celebration varies each year. Last year the girls of Casa Guadalupe performed the Christmas story and some of our younger children sang Christmas tunes. Then a priest from our local community church came and gave Mass in our dining hall. After that we had Christmas dinner, which was pork, rice, ensalada rusa (beet salad), and a potato. At one point in the evening one of our caregivers disappeared and came out dressed as Santa Claus. One by one, each of our children were called to receive their bag of Christmas goodies. The festivities ended well after midnight.

Thanks to generous donors and visitors, our children received a mix of brand new and slightly used items. Last year, the children were able to pick out new shoes, jeans, 2 polos, and a pair of crocs, which they received as their Christmas gifts. The girls of Casa Guadalupe said their favorite part about Christmas was, “the food, gifts, the nativity scene, and when we give hugs at midnight.”

Celebrating Christmas at NPH is completely different than how the girls celebrated in their home. They all remembered their first Christmas here and agreed that it was “bonito.” Reflecting on how they celebrated before arriving to NPH, some of the girls said that they did not celebrate at all. Others said they got a special treat that day like paneton or arroz con leche.

For their Christmas wish, the girls hope to see their family. Every Sunday, permitted family members are allowed to visit from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. On occasion, children are able to visit their family outside of the home with a caregiver. We hope to see many family members this holiday season to help make their Christmas wishes come true.

Anna Hester   
Communication Officer




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