Graduation Day at NPH Guatemala

Fr. William Wasson once said, “Education will take my children out of the poverty into which they were born.”
November 21, 2017 - Guatemala

Happy Kindergarten Graduates

The school year is over and vacations are on! With the last exams of the 4th bimester during the beginning of October, we closed the school year 2017 at the Educational Center of NPH Guatemala. All our students were tested in three languages Spanish, English and Mayan Language Kaq Chikel, in Mathematics, Natural Science and Social Science, Sports, Computers, Arts and Music.

Our internal and external students excelled to pass the last step and to receive their academic certificates. Education is not only part of the students but further more part of having qualified teachers. For 2018, the teachers want to implement new learning strategies and improve the communication between directors, teachers and students. All NPH homes work diligently on having the best education curriculum possible, based on the individual needs of each child.

During the middle of October, the final results of the students were evaluated by the academic board of the school. On graduation day, the students where ceremonially handed over their diplomas. In 2017 we have 12 pupils who graduated proudly from kindergarten, 11 children passed primary school successfully and 34 students graduated from secondary school, all at the NPH Guatemala Educational Center. We also have seven women and seven men who graduated from high school in the nearby town of Chimaltenango.

According to the philosophy of the Educational Center, “Ethical principles, academic quality and technical preparation will allow our students to contribute productively to the society as professional humans that generate change.” We wish all our graduates success to continue their career in their future professions.

Thomas Hartig   
Communcation Officer




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