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How one pequeño wins a story contest on "A Better World"
March 20, 2017 - Honduras

Roque with librarian Yolanda (center right) and house director Patricia (far right) receiving his prize.

NPH Education in Action! - Recently, an NPH Honduras Pequeño, Roque,* won the MAPFRE "The Future is in Our Hands" story contest with his submission, "A Better World."

"The Storytelling Foundation MAPFRE, aims to make the younger generation think of how to build a better world. We believe that children and young people can contribute with their stories a new vision of all these issues, they will tell us their reflections, experiences and not least their imagination. In this way, among all, surely we can make a better society. Fundación MAPFRE together with the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) believe in Education as a fundamental element in the change of society, in its maturation process."**

Roque is one of the Ranch's hardest workers in both school and in his home, and we are proud to see his growth and success - all thanks to you supporters who make education at NPH possible! Below you can find a translated version of Roque's prize-winning story on a boy who just wants to make life better for everyone.

"Many centuries ago, there was a distant village where only green grass and few pine trees grew. Once a child named José arrived and looked at how everything was there. The boy was poor but with a good heart and good attitude. He thought to himself, "What can I do? What is there to make people's lives better?" So one morning, he went to a nearby forest, where he came upon an old greenhouse with several small trees around. Taking some of the smaller ones, he went to go plant them in the village. Every day he watered, fertilized and cared for them.

One day, he went to another nearby village and bought wood to make a house where he could live in peace. Days passed and some men came and were astounded to see what it was like now, with green grass, trees, and large pines with large leaves and a beautiful landscape. They asked who had done that? And everyone said a child named José. They rewarded the child by building a better house with gardens around them and explained that they were the donors for the improvement of the town.

The child and the donors gathered and began to plan how to continue improving the town, with cement streets, zoo, parks, spas, churches and other things.

One day, it happened that two cars were driving so fast that they did not notice a third car, and they collided in a great accident. Several people were injured, and an astonished José went to his house to make some signs that said: "Drive at 20 km/h, No speeding." When the people read the signs they said, this is true, we have to be a safe and beautiful town.

The village donors asked the child if he knew his parents, but he did not know who they were. So, these people looked for them, and they found them. José's parents were good and very wealthy people, so they also helped a lot to make the village better.

José's parents had to go back to their home, and they asked Josè if he wanted to go with them. He said yes. Before leaving, he told the town that he would return with his family after graduating. Years went by and Josè came back, but as a professional man. No one recognized him, but in the end he knew that it was the boy Josè, a man with a wife and 4 daughters: Martha, Maria, Angèlica and Ana. Another family with 4 children arrived in the village: Luis, Miguel, Angel and Marcos, With time there was a great marriage between the two families, who always promised to care for the town and to make it better."

*Name changed to protect privacy **

Alex Hanel   
Communication Officer




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