The Power of Love and Service

High school pequeña Nohemi* reflects on her spiritual journey at NPH
March 13, 2017 - Mexico

Nohemi serves others by displaying simple acts of kindness.

Faith and service are two core values that NPH imparts on its children from the time they arrive at our home. Our children begin their spiritual journey at the age of four when they first start taking religion classes that follow a curriculum developed by the Cuernavaca Catholic Diocese. As our children grow up, they demonstrate their personal spiritual enrichment in special and unique ways.

Nohemi,* a high school pequeña living at our home in Cuernavaca, has been recognized by the Director of the Catechism Department, Maestra Guille (Teacher Guille), as a leader in faith and spirituality. Nohemi often participates as a lector at mass on Sundays in Casa Buen Señor. Besides participating in mass, Nohemi demonstrates her faith by praying and dedicating certain actions to God; for example, going to mass, fasting, and avoiding saying bad words.

Nohemi places a high value on her faith because she thinks it is important that we have something to believe in to give us hope. By believing in God, she says, we become more human. With all the violence, poverty and suffering that exists in our world, Nohemi recognizes that it is easy for people to lose their faith. However, we must not let the negativity deceive us. Instead, Nohemi believes that we must continue sharing and demonstrating our faith to others so that it is not lost, but rather prevails!

One way in which Nohemi demonstrates her faith is through service to others. Nohemi defines service as showing kindness to both people and animals. She tries to put into practice what she has learned about Jesus because “he is a clear example of how we should act.” In December, Nohemi visited a nursing home with other high school pequeñas from the Girls Empowerment Group to spend quality time with the residents during the holiday season. Nohemi also collects leftover chicken bones from the cafeteria to give to the stray dogs that live around the home. Nohemi is a perfect example of how simple actions can lighten the burden of others and make a powerful difference in their lives.

As we are preparing to celebrate Easter at the home, many of our children have been reflecting upon the significance of this important religious holiday in their own lives. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and the promise of new life and opportunity. Nohemi interprets the idea of new life as a time in which we can make changes for the better and leave behind bad actions. “Easter reminds me that if I feel that I have drifted away from God, I am invited to reconnect with his love.” Nohemi is very grateful that NPH has given her various opportunities to continue developing her faith, and we are proud to have a leader like her in our home to demonstrate the power of love and service to others.

*Name has been changed for privacy purposes

Kaleigh Barrett   
Communication Officer




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