A 'Green Team' for Environmental Conservation

We help our children develop values that encourage conservation of the environment.
October 25, 2018 - Guatemala

Thomas Dempsey, Volunteer and Green Team Coordinator.

The Green Team started at NPH Guatemala in 2017, and is directed by a volunteer. The goal of this team is to implement innovative methods of recycling, garbage reduction, and education for children and NPH employees – all directed towards better caring for the environment.

All the children of NPH Guatemala, have the opportunity to be part of the Green Team; the activities take place in the afternoons after school.

The main activities are:

• Promoting environmental education • Producing organic fertilizer • Classification of garbage • Reduction of consumption of disposable products. • Reuse of materials for crafts

"I feel exceptionally lucky to be working with the children of NPH. In the environmental field it is oftentimes easy to be overwhelmed by the scale of the problems facing our planet today. The children provide an infectious level of enthusiasm, creative thinking, and problem solving that makes the work seem far more attainable” explains Thomas Dempsey, International Volunteer and Green Team Coordinator.

"I like being on the Green Team, because we work and learn to recycle. Talking to Thomas is very funny," says Julio,* a 10-year-old member of the team.

Environmental education involves values, attitudes and behaviors that help improve the environment. It is necessary to acquire new knowledge, take an active part in taking care of the environment, set a good example, respect the environment, and commit to preserving and improving it.

Thomas explains: “Environmental education on any level is important. With children, there is a great opportunity to instill certain characteristics or behaviors that can have impacts for generations to come.

The hope for me is that learning more about the environment at a young age can lead to actions such as recycling or composting being part of our everyday lives, just like getting dressed or brushing your teeth in the morning. Through education, we can all better understand our place and more importantly our role in living on this planet.”

Talking about the environment does not only refer to aspects of nature such as plants, animals, soil, air, and water, but also to the human beings themselves, and to their impact on culture.

"The biggest impact will be the creation of a learning network for boys and girls around the use of our resources through reducing, reusing and recycling” says Verónica Pérez, Project Coordinator of NPH Guatemala.

It is important to know both the benefits and the consequences, and to be an agent of change by implementing what has been learned and sharing it with more people.

Being concerned about the environment today means caring about achieving better living conditions for human beings in the future, and that means being part of the Green Team.

Sofia López   
Communcation Officer




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