Planting Seeds and Making Dreams a Reality

NPH staff complete the three-week Emerging Leaders program at iLEAP
September 1, 2018 - International

The fifth cohort at one of their classes

Donna Egge, NPHI Director of Family Services, reminisces of years ago when partnering with iLEAP seemed like a long shot. A self-proclaimed dreamer, she tells the story of the beginning of the NPH and iLEAP partnership, a dream that became a reality in 2015.

“In the work of the development of children, staff, and formation, we are just planting seeds. We are hoping that they take effect and are cultivated, and then something great happens." She continues, "We just have to keep planting seeds and we have to keep dreaming, because dreams can come true."

Eight NPH staff members with leadership positions, representing seven countries, joined together to learn from iLEAP in the Emerging Leaders program in Seattle. This week marks the completion of the three-week program, and today is the day of their graduation speeches. Soon the staff will return to their respective countries - refreshed, inspired and with a vision for change.

In their graduation speeches, each participant shared their vision of how they plan to ignite change in their countries. Mila, International Sponsorship Coordinator in NPH Mexico, set a goal of improving the communication between children and their sponsors. Lena, Psychologist and Family Service Coordinator in NPH Bolivia, plans to improve the diversity of activities in the home.

All participants expressed their gratitude to iLEAP, NPH and their host families, who graciously opened their hearts and homes to them.

Phadoul, who works in Human Resources and Administration at Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital in Haiti, shared, “Thank you to all the NPH USA staff, donors and supporters, for the hard work you are doing every single day for the benefit of those with the greatest need. Your work has impacted thousands and thousands of lives in Latin America and the Caribbean. Taking people out of the tunnel of poverty and ignorance is the biggest contribution to humankind and sustainability.”

Phadoul and others stressed the importance of international collaboration to foster change.

Following the participants' speeches and after they expressed the change they wish to see and make in the world, Donna adds, “I really believe that to change our world we have to be working internationally. We have to be looking into the eyes of people who are different than us, and we have to listen to the words in those hearts, to make a difference.”

Erin Stuckey
NPHI Director of Communications




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