NPH Mexico Celebrates Its 64th Anniversary!

During this 64 years, NPH Mexico has helped thousands of children!
August 14, 2018 - Mexico

Father Philip Cleary addressed a special prayer for the sponsors and benefactors.

Sixty-four years ago, a true sense of hope for a better future for vulnerable children was born in Mexico. Father William Wasson, with great love and little by little, managed to expand his work to eight more countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Several generations of pequeños gathered this weekend at our home in Miacatlán to celebrate this 64th anniversary; many of them traveled from afar to meet their friends, and all of them enjoyed this magical day.

It was wonderful to see the Hermanos Mayores accompanied by their families; they proudly gave them a tour of all the Hacienda San Salvador telling stories about their childhood here.

A mass was held to commemorate this family day, all of us gathered in the main esplanade of Casa San Salvador. Father Philip Cleary thanked all the attendants and addressed a special prayer for the sponsors and benefactors who have made possible that NPH Mexico continues to support more children year after year.

After mass, we had lunch and enjoyed delicious carnitas (a Mexican typical food made with pork). Some of the Hermanos Mayores, as part of their gratitude to the house, shared candy with the younger kids.

This wonderful day, where many generations of Pequeños gather in the house that gave them so much love, shows us how lucky the NPH family is for having good people as our sponsors, friends, and benefactors who help provide our children and youths with a brighter future.

Vanessa Cruz   
Comunication Officer




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