NPH Guatemala Soccer Team Wraps up Successful Campaign

NPH Guatemala participates in championship at the Municipal Stadium in Parramos.
September 19, 2019 - Guatemala

NPH Guatemala Football team poses for a photo the day of the final on 4 August 2019.

The NPH Guatemala soccer team celebrated the end of another exciting season by participating in the championship match Sunday, 4 August4, at the Municipal Stadium in Parramos, Chimaltenango.

Despite the fact that the NPH squad — comprised of Hermanos Mayores (Spanish for Older Brothers, or former internal members of NPH), and tíos (uncles) working at Casa San Andrés— did not quite reach the mark, dropping the final four goals to two, the game served as a point of reflection for what was another successful season.

The rival team, from the nearby town of Parramos, was able to frustrate the championship aspirations of the NPH team with the help of a pair of early goals. The NPH squad, however, showed excellent resolve and physical stamina by managing to snag a couple of second-half goals that made the game anything but a rout for the eventual champions.

More than 100 spectators from both the community and NPH Guatemala attended the match.

“Although we didn’t win this game, I think our performance throughout the season demonstrates our commitment to athletics here at NPH Guatemala,” remarked Orlando Ramos, National Director at NPH Guatemala and a player on the football team, following the match Sunday.

“With the help of our athletic programs, we are able to inculcate the crucial values of responsibility, hard work, and humility in the lives of our pequeños and pequeñas,” Ramos said.

Ahead of Sunday’s championship match, dozens of pequeños, volunteers, and NPH Guatemala staff arrived at the Municipal Stadium in Parramos one day early to tackle the process of clearing out garbage and other debris from the public enclosure, which suffers from a lack of a regular custodian. Ramos took advantage of the occasion by turning it into a teachable moment for the pequeños of Casa San Andrés.

“We are the ones that are responsible for the maintenance of our things, not only in the community, but also in our personal lives. We must take care of our possessions,” Ramos affirmed.

Sunday’s defeat failed to dampen the celebratory atmosphere of the post-game activities. Community members from Parramos and others lent the necessary equipment—including a grill and charcoal—in order for the team and the match’s onlookers to partake in a barbeque in honor of a season full of blessings and success. The participation of the team from NPH Guatemala bolstered efforts to amplify their presence in the local community throughout the season.

For some who have come up through the NPH Guatemala system, the ability to partake in such a high-profile match was a cause for celebration.

“As a former pequeño, it was a great experience having played in this final,” said Cesáreo Lobos Fajardo, a physical education instructor at NPH Guatemala.

“I remember growing up here at NPH many years ago and watching the tíos, volunteers, and the older pequeños playing on the football pitch. I’m delighted and proud to be a part of this team. And we hope to play in the final again next season,” Lobos added.

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Spencer Cappelli   
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