Female Empowerment Groups at NPH Mexico

Chicas Poderosas, Young Ladies with Dreams
February 26, 2019 - Mexico

Celebrating women's day!

Chicas Poderosas, or ‘Powerful Girls,’ is a program for our high school girls (9th grade) where they are taught important values of being strong women. Several topics are discussed during their weekly meetings, such as relationships, self-esteem, machismo culture, and others. These 42 girls are also encouraged to express their thoughts, their feelings and to talk about the issues that most concern them.

The objective of this program is to create awareness in the young teens about their participation as women and human beings in their community, and to empower them in order to achieve their full potential as part of our country and the world.

As in any society, our teen girls find it difficult to communicate their inner selves, and Chicas Poderosas offers a safe space to encourage them to find their strength and confidence within.

Especially in cases of poverty, abuse or abandonment, which many of our girls sadly have lived through, it is no surprise that many come to NPH with low self-esteem or very little self-worth. With love, respect and support, little by little they find value and purpose within themselves and begin to grow into independent and confident women.

Chicas Poderosas includes lectures, movie presentations, field trips to museums and even community work – a favorite day of the girls is a visit to a nursing home to share time with older members of the community.

As members of NPH and our educational programs, most of our girls will attend college after finishing high school and will move to a different state in Mexico to attend university.

Our girls in the Chicas group strive to keep good grades so that they can attend college. One of them tells us she wants to be a midwife and help women from her community to care for themselves. Another wants to be a civil engineer to build her own home and become independent.

Many girls want to be accountants and study in a master’s program. Many of them also want to have a family. Another girl says she wants to become a doctor to provide help in poor communities and treat children with cancer. But one particular participant says her goal is to find a way to help other young women achieve their dreams, too.

Chicas Poderosas is translated as Powerful Girls, but the name of the program in Spanish is similar to the titles of many super-hero films. Which is fitting, for these young ladies truly are super heroes themselves, striving to become their best selves and to share their values with their future families and communities. We are happy to have planted the seed; soon we will see it bloom.

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