Caps Off to the NPH Mexico Class of 2019

From kindergarten through to high school, our children and youth celebrated an emotional graduation week with families and teachers.
September 20, 2019 - Mexico

High school students look on excitedly as their hermanos collect their diplomas.

NPH Mexico students donned their black gowns and threw their caps into the air in the first week of July, as they celebrated graduation with loved ones and friends.

It happens once a year, but it is always an important week on the NPH Mexico calendar: when the pequeños take center stage and enjoy the fruits of their hard work in front of teachers, school principals, home directors, godparents, families, and friends. The Class of 2019 was no different, with a total of 221 students graduating, consisting of kindergarten, elementary and middle school, and high school pequeños.

Another important attendee was Olegario Campos, who is godfather to the Class of 2019 and National Director of NPH El Salvador, and hermano mayor from NPH Mexico.

Festivities began on Monday, 1 July 2019, in Miacatlán when kindergarten and elementary and middle school students received awards for achieving top grades and extraordinary feats in cultural and sporting activities during the 2018-2019 school year. Students also showed off their musical talents by performing traditional Mexican dances and songs before a lively audience.

Their graduation ceremony took place on Friday, 5 July, also in Miacatlán. The children lined up smartly dressed with their clothes pressed and their hair done up, smiling excitedly as they waited to collect their diplomas. NPH Mexico National Director Rafael Bermúdez and the school principals gave speeches expressing their pride in the pequeños, congratulating them on their successes, and wishing them the best for the future.

It was then the children’s turn to be treated to a traditional Mexican dance, with performers dressed in colorful dresses and costumes. Father Phil Cleary then brought the ceremony to a close with mass and thanked God for a productive school year. Children, families, and friends then came together to celebrate over a delicious lunch, courtesy of Casa San Salvador.

The following day was the high school students’ turn to celebrate at Casa Buen Señor in Cuernavaca. From the beginning, there was a nervous excitement on the face of each student, proud of their achievement but also aware that change was imminent—the end of one journey with another about to begin, making it an emotional occasion for all members of the NPH family.

The ceremony began with an inspiring mass by Father Phil, who emphasized the importance of perseverance and encouraged the students to follow their dreams and never give up. It was then the moment for the Class of 2019 to step forward and receive their diplomas, while others collected awards for achieving the highest grade averages.

Also present was Olegario Campos, the proud godfather of the Class of 2019. During the ceremony, Rafael Bermúdez gave a heartwarming speech, telling the audience of Olegario’s many accomplishments: how he grew up at NPH Mexico, worked hard, and became National Director of NPH El Salvador, while recognizing Olegario's perseverance, courage, and love, as well as being a role model for future generations.

After the ceremony, Rafael underlined the importance of education, acknowledging the hard work of the teaching staff and the children to fulfil this achievement.

Rafael explained, “Seeing our children graduate is a personal joy. I believe that we break the cycle of extreme poverty through education. I see how NPH supports education and finds the best educational talent to support the children. I’m so very proud.”

Olegario added, “This is only the beginning for these children, but I urge them to march forward, that each of them lead by example for their younger hermanos. Father Wasson would be very proud of them. He always wanted his children to study and succeed in life.”

And these children have. Well done to the Class of 2019. Congratulations!

Interested in education? Read about our NPH Youth Development Programs, which provide opportunities for young people throughout our nine NPH homes.

Ivan Sotelo   
Communication Officer




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