Interdisciplinary Care for Children with Special Needs

Multifaceted support helps NPH Peru successfully support children with special needs in our home.
April 9, 2019 - Peru

Learning about emotions is an important lesson.

One normally imagines laughter and joy when thinking about working with children. But the reality for many children around the world is much different. Circumstances place millions in vulnerable situations far from the care needed for healthy development. Sadly, this is the case of many children before entering the NPH Peru family.

Of these children, some of the most vulnerable are those living with special needs—be it a complication to their physical, emotional, or mental health. At NPH, we work hard to provide these children with the encompassing range of support needed to help prepare them for normal family life in their future. Teams of psychologists, teachers, and caregivers work every day to give the extra attention that is needed to help these children fully develop.

Our team of psychologists helps explain the additional care that is given to children with special needs in the NPH family:

For children with cognitive special needs at NPH Peru, additional educational support is given in the school. A teacher in our special needs program will work with them, step by step, to ensure that each and every student learns basic reading and writing, numbers, logical reasoning, and day-to-day skills like telling time, measuring quantities, and other essential tasks. These specialized teachers focus on passing on whatever skills are needed to function as independent children or adults outside of the school, as each child is able to.

Our team of psychologists also provides additional care to these children. We commonly see behavioral issues regarding aggression or impulse control in our special needs programs. Our psychologists work with both the children and their caregivers to make positive steps in addressing issues when they arise.

It is this multifaceted, interdisciplinary approach to care that makes NPH successful. Every child with special needs who is welcomed into our family is met with the educational, psychological, and parental support needed to develop their full potential of independence.

"What I like the most is being with my family." - Imelda

Imelda, age 16, is one such child at NPH who benefits from all of this care. She likes math class and playing with her friends. She loves her two siblings a lot and proudly says they all get along very well. She participates in our special needs program in the school to receive additional support for a cognitive disability. But her teachers describe her as a skilled and confident student.

It is difficult to summarize the care provided for children in our special needs programs in one simple sentence, as each child has their own unique medical, educational, or cognitive struggles. But at NPH, our interdisciplinary team works diligently with each child individually, to ensure that they can take every step forward toward a more independent future.

Children’s names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Diego Falcón   
Communications Officer




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