NPH El Salvador Children Send Love to Virus Sufferers

As COVID-19 grabs the world's attention, our children in El Salvador pray for those suffering from the virus and busy themselves with healthy endeavors in their NPH homes
March 20, 2020 - El Salvador

A boy studies during his homework period.

Since the start of the year, the world has watched in shock as the spread of COVID-19 affects hundreds of thousands of people.

It has now reached El Salvador and sits at our doorstep. As of 20 March, there is one confirmed case, found in a city of Metapán located in Santa Ana, just 35 kilometers from the NPH El Salvador home. Salvadoran authorities have closed the national borders, like neighboring Central American countries Honduras and Guatemala, and fast food restaurants are running delivery service only; however, further restrictions are expected if more cases are found.

NPH El Salvador and NPH International have been working hard to prepare protocols and healthcare strategies to ensure our children and employees at Casa Sagrada Familia are protected from COVID-19.

Meanwhile, in the home, children do different fun activities to stay occupied and help guard their mental health. Caregivers have created schedules to give the children a structured environment with time for studying, doing chores, relaxing, and having fun.

“We have implemented these schedules to help the kids stay healthy and use their time properly,” says Maria Dolores Bernal, known to children and staff as Tía Loly, director of the girls’ home. “We encourage the girls to pray to God from the bottom of their hearts to help us cure this virus. During the day, the girls enjoy different activities and they also have time to study or read.”

The children at NPH El Salvador are highly aware of the preventive measures and recommendations set by lead physician Dr. Karla Monterrosa and their caregivers. They are conscientious and do their best to follow the restrictions for their own health and safety and for the good of others. They are also aware of what is happening around the world and the country.

“We know we are safe here at NPH, but people outside should be very careful and follow instructions. We pray to God for the well-being of our godparents around the world and all those suffering. And we thank Him for our NPH family and for being blessed to be here,” says Rubi, a 16-year-old girl who resides in the home.

For now, the children try to look forward with optimism, while also sending their love to the rest of the NPH family.

Names changed to protect children’s privacy.

Please support our NPH homes during this time of need. Any help you can give is well-received and accepted graciously. Please visit for more information.

Carmina Salazar   
Communication Officer, NPH El Salvador




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