A Note of Encouragement During Troubling Times

Reinhart Koehler, President of NPHI, shares his thoughts, prayers and a note of encouragement to those affected by the Coronavirus crisis.
March 16, 2020 - NPH International

Reinhart Koehler supporting with the Eucharist during Mass at NPH Honduras.

Dear NPH Family, Friends, and Supporters,

In these very troubling times, the members of the Mission Ministry Committee want you to know the thoughts and prayers of the NPH Family are with all of you constantly. We feel deeply the tragedies and destruction the Coronavirus Crisis is wreaking upon humanity and how strongly many of you are affected by this crisis. In the countries where NPH cares for vulnerable children and families, the pandemic is just now unfolding. We are trying our best to help with containment measures while also shielding the children under our care.

I do not want to add to the discussion about the Coronavirus, but instead want to send you a note of encouragement. I have no answers why such tragedies exist and have given up looking for rational explanations. Many years ago, when the 23-year-old son of a beloved friend and teacher of our children was murdered, seeing the grief and desolation this event caused in the inconsolable mother, I could not contain my anger and yelled at Padre Che Che (one of the many wonderful priests who served our children): “Why does God allow this?”

Father Che Che answered that “only good things come from God.” And that I had to be careful that in my anger I would not become like those who caused such violence and destruction. Ever since then I try hard to hold on to the goodness of God, who so compassionately (suffering with us) loves us.

Sometimes situations like the Coronavirus pandemic can bring out the worst in us, but more often it will bring out our best. We know that our best is needed to confront this crisis. Fondazione Francesca Rava-NPH Italy is a shining example of how to respond in times of deep distress. While Italy—and even earlier Lombardy—was placed under lockdown, Mariavittoria and the staff and volunteers of FFR-NPH Italy organized a medical brigade to help with the many who have fallen ill because of the virus. In the name of all of us: Thank you for thinking of those in even greater need in times of such worry and sadness.

Beginning Monday, March 16, the Mission Ministry Committee will send out a “Monday Prayer.” We invite you to not only read it, but also pray it with your family, friends, and colleagues. It is a small token of encouragement in the hope that it may help you to continue to do your best under these difficult circumstances.

God Bless you.

Monday Prayer - from Don John Bosco

Let us carry our crosses with love,

Let us see that they do not become a burden to others,

But let us help other to carry theirs.

To learn more about the mission and values of the NPH family, visit nph.org.

Reinhart Koehler
President of NPHI




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