New Year Message from Reinhart Koehler

The President of NPH International with a New Year's message for 2021.
December 28, 2020 - NPH International

Reinhart Koehler takes part in the Eucharist ritual at Rancho Santa Fe, NPH Honduras.

Dear NPH Family,

Most of us adhere to rituals because it gives us some sort of steadiness in a world that seems to have become ever more unpredictable. Human beings seem to have a longing for at least a certain amount of security, even though we know that everything can change dramatically in a split second. Taking certain dates as departure dates for new times to come, to wish each other well is one of these rituals we do at the beginning of a new year. Little did we know what 2020 held in store for us. My heart and prayers go out to those who lost loved ones, to those whose lives were shattered by blows that left them with serious illnesses or nothing. One event in particular carved itself into my heart, and it is not the ongoing pandemic or the two hurricanes that devastated northern Honduras and Nicaragua or the streams of refugees fleeing horrors in so many places in the world even though I feel a deep sadness over these situations. The event that keeps returning painfully to my heart and mind is the Beirut explosion on August 4th of last year. The reason I just cannot get over this is that it was completely avoidable. Mother Theresa said that indifference is one of the worst things. It is the antithesis of what the main purpose of our work at NPH is: not only to break the cycle of poverty but to support vulnerable children to grow into caring adults and assist families to create communities of mutual support, assuming responsibility in the sense of responding to the needs of their fellow human beings. Father Wasson used simpler words: “Wherever there is a Pequeño or Pequeña, that there be no children suffering close by.” All of this begins with the respect and appreciation we have for each other and also actively express both and make these values core of everything we do. Epiphany, the first religious feast in the new year brings this message home with the three kings going out of their way to find the newborn king and show him their appreciation through the gifts they brought him.

My biggest hope for the new year is that we, the NPH Family, children, adults, staff, volunteers and benefactors will continue to appreciate each other and those around us, especially in our quest to battle indifference in the world through responding to the needs of vulnerable children and families with the goal to bring forth the kind of caring in them through which they will create better lives for themselves, their families and their communities, and in doing so, we, too, may become the best version of ourselves.

With appreciation and gratitude for all of you who form part of our NPH Family life, I wish you a new year filled with opportunities and satisfaction in engaging in meaningful activities.


Reinhart Koehler NPHI President

Reinhart Koehler   
President of NPH International




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