Thanksgiving of 2020

Reinhart Koehler, President of NPHI, sends his Thanksgiving message to the NPH family.
November 23, 2020 - NPH International

Reinhart Koehler, Stephen O'Mahony, National Director of NPH Honduras, and Marco Jimenez (House Sub-Director at NPH Honduras) on the Children's Day Celebration.

Dear Friends of the NPH Family,

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all the different holidays I have come to know in different countries and cultures. In today’s busy world and with so many tragic events, it easy to lose sight of the good that surrounds us. Even after this year where so many horrible things happened, there are also plenty of things to be grateful for, not just at Thanksgiving. But this special day is an opportunity to celebrate thankfulness as any day.

Someone once said that gratitude is the seed of abundance. This quote reminds us of the importance to stop and appreciate what we have rather than grumbling about what we do not have. And the majority of men, women, youth and children I know feel grateful for the blessings God has bestowed upon them.

After 38 years of living with the children, youths and young adults of NPH, I am still amazed and grateful every day for how happy the majority of them are. Their happiness is derived from being grateful for being part of a large family that has given them a sense of security and belonging, and because of the bonds they form with each other and that last a life time as in most families.

As it is with most parents, we experience what our children experience. Their successes are our successes, their failures are our failures and when they are grateful, we are grateful. One of my favorite moments of the day is the late afternoon, when the dark yellow sun filters its last rays through the pine trees of the Rancho Santa Fe, the time when the children engage in free play, just being children. Listening to the children cheer, laugh and scream with no worry in the world I can hear how happy they are. Their happiness is my happiness and I know, is your happiness.

My wish for you for this Thanksgiving Day is that you and your loved ones may find that happiness with each other in spite of the difficulties and challenges you may have experienced this year. Our NPH Family sends its gratitude for your support and work on our behalf to you and our prayers accompany you to be safe and stay healthy.

With gratitude, love, hugs and smiles from Rancho Santa Fe.

Reinhart Koehler
NPHI President




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