Our Voices: Celinda from NPH Mexico

Celinda from NPH Mexico tells us of her new responsibilities at Casa Buen SeŮor during the COVID-19 pandemic, her struggles adapting to online studying and thinking of her family in the state of Guerrero.
November 24, 2020 - Mexico

Celinda with her Our Voices letter

Dear the World!

During this COVID-19, I have been feeling stressed and frustrated with online studies. I know that going to school is not the same as studying online because the topics I have learned are harder to understand in comparison to a teacher explaining and telling me if what Iím doing is correct or not. This has been a huge challenge for me, but Iím sure that when I attend university, it will be easier to handle, and also Iíll have a better comprehension of the topics Iíll study.

Iím also worried because Iím not able to do the same things I used to do, such as enjoy the companionship of my friends, walk to school with my friends, and talk about the things we see on the way to school. My family lives in the state of Guerrero; my grandparents are older and I donít want them to be infected by this virus and not be able to see them again. I feel sad because I canít talk to them. In the area where they live, there is no phone signal. Furthermore, due to the pandemic my little siblings havenít been accepted to enter NPH yet. I hope this ends soon so they can come to the home and we can be together again.

I want to tell my family to keep calm because at home: we have had the necessary measures to avoid contagion at NPH Mexico. I also want to tell them to take this seriously because in my home town people have their own beliefs and donít pay attention to what actually happens. Every day Iím praying for their safety and health.

During these uncertain times, I have learned that we should give more value to the people that surround us: our friends, our family, and my godparents that care for me. I have learned to enjoy my new NPH family and the incredible moments we have together. Iíve also learned the values that our Father William Wasson left us.

Thanks to what we are currently living through, Iím now assigned for being responsible for our library, which is a great opportunity because one of the things I love most is to read in my spare time. I love this new assignment. I know it is a huge responsibility because I have to control the books I lend out. I have proposed that children read books in the library, but there are too many and thus, I donít know where to begin. Iím really thankful for this opportunity they have given me and Iím going to make the best of it.

After concluding my first year of high school, I am preparing for different activities such as origami, how to prepare fruit-flavored soft drinks, and how to make typical Mexican sweets, as well as how to save money and learn to create a successful business. My favorite activities are emotional sciences, typical Mexican sweets, and origami. I like them so much that Iím going to teach my siblings when they join me here. We have had sports activities like soccer, basketball, and volleyball; though my team hasnít won, the most important part is to have fun and enjoy my friendsí company.

Regarding my godparents, donors, and caregivers, I just want to tell you that Iím really happy to have you near me, supporting me in the easiest and hardest moments. I want you to know you are always in my heart and Iíll never forget you. I hope you are well, and I pray for you so this pandemic doesnít get to your homes and families. I thank you with my heart for all your efforts to keep this family moving on.



Celinda comes from a Mixteco family. She is studying Technical High school, the specialty in Accounting. She is happy, respectful and kind girl. Her favorite sport is to run. Her favorite subject is math because she likes numbers. She wants to study accounting when she grows up. In her free time, Celinda likes to swim with her friends and read books.

Name has been changed to protect the privacy of the child.

Interested in supporting Celinda with her studies? Please make a donation to NPH Mexico. Make a difference.

College Student and Godchild at NPH Mexico




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