Our Voices: Lucia from NPH El Salvador

Lucia is a dedicated university student, studying psychology. In her Our Voices letter, she shares her thoughts and concerns about the COVID-19 crisis and the impact on her family and communities in El Salvador.
February 12, 2021 - El Salvador

Lucia* decorates her Our Voices letter.

Dear the World,

My name is Lucia*, I am 23-years-old and I am studying Psychology at the UMA (Universidad Modular Abierta) university, currently in my fifth year. It is a pleasure to me to express my feelings and thoughts about the COVID-19 crisis we are living with.

During this pandemic that has come to affect the whole world, I feel sad and worried. I am down heartened that so many people who have lost their jobs, especially in El Salvador, and donít have food, medicine, or economic stability and on top of that, some of them have lost the battle against COVID-19.

I am also sad because the pandemic has created a great impact on the peopleís mental health. It has brought worry, stress, and anxiety because of the precautions being taken which has changed the way people go about their activities that comply with the measures set by authorities.

We are privileged at NPH El Salvador because we have areas where we can move around and socialize, always taking into consideration the preventive measures that are provided by the medical staff.

In my personal case, I am worried about my biological family because this pandemic has also created an economic and psychological crisis. I think that they might not have the economic stability that they had before and this might be affecting their ability to fulfill their basic needs and provide an education for their children. However, we are all fighting against COVID-19 so it ends soon by taking precautions and praying with faith.

I want to tell you that I arrived at NPH in 2007, when I was 9-years-old, with my four brothers and sisters. I was studying 4th grade then. I arrived because I had the need of having a stable family and to have the opportunity to feel safe and protected; to grow personally and professionally; to have a positive life with principles and moral and spiritual values.

I have many dreams and goals and my hope for the future is that this pandemic ends soon so we are able to carry out our normal activities and socialize with our family and friends and also that no one else is affected by it. For this to end, we need to get closer to God, have faith, and trust that prayer is powerful.

Living in quarantine is not easy, but at NPH we have done different recreational activities (soccer, basketball, volleyball tournaments, games directed by the caregivers and the youth groups, Zumba classes, etc.) spiritual activities (praying the Rosary, individual prayers at the chapel, etc.) and also the girls have participated in different beauty projects (learning how to do our hairs, do pedicure and manicure) and also the homework from school (handouts). One of my favorite activities has been helping young ladies of the section I have been taking care of, such as their homework. It is satisfying for me and I feel very proud that they are working with great effort to become professionals in our community when they grow up.

Having people who support me in so different ways is one of the biggest blessings in my life. They have done great work so I am able to continue reaching my personal and professional goals in order to become an efficient contributor in my community.

Feeling the support of my Godparents makes me feel very happy because they are part of my life and I consider them as part of my family. I share with them the story of my life, my happiness, and achievements. On special dates like my birthday or Christmas, I receive a greeting card from them and my heart becomes full of happiness and joy because they look after me and they share my happiness.

To have a Godfather or a Godmother, to me it means having a father, a mother, a friend and companion who I can count on. The friendship with my Godparents has been there for 13 years and it has had a great impact on my life. Thanks to them, I am able to receive food, home, clothes, and education, which is fundamental for me.

Thanks to them, I have been able to finish my 9th grade and high school studies, and I am currently studying the university, among other opportunities that I receive.

Donors, caregivers, Godparents: I am very grateful for the support you provide, for the transformation you have made in my life. Thanks to you and NPH, my life has changed in an exceptional and positive way. I feel very lucky and blessed to be taking advantage of this great opportunity that I have received, to be reaching the dreams I had when I was a girl.

You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless you!


*Name changed for privacy reasons.

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University Student - NPH El Salvador




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