Holy Week: Inspire Us to New Hope

2020 and 2021 have brought many challenges to the NPH family. Now, Miguel Venegas, the Executive Director of NPHI, sends a message of hope to the NPH family this Easter, as well as reflection on core Christian values.
March 29, 2021 - NPH International

Miguel Venegas spents time with high school students at Casa Buen Señor, Cuernavaca, NPH Mexico.

Easter is an important celebration for our NPH family. Holy Week is celebrated in all of our nine homes with a reenactment of the Via Crucis, as well as other festivities, such as mass, prayers and games for the children. Easter also permits us all to reflect on key Christian teachings, such as sacrifice, giving and forgiveness.

As we celebrate this special date, we remember when Father Wasson forgave the child who stole from the church donations box in Cuernavaca, Mexico in 1954. This moment is the origin and essence of NPH: serving and protecting the most vulnerable, those without love and hope. Today, we continue Fr. Wasson’s legacy of caring for children whose rights have been infringed while helping to strengthen their families and communities. NPH is providing them with hope to survive and thrive.

The whole world has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 will be mostly remembered for this disease, but in addition, other situations confronted the NPH family during that year which continue into 2021.

Globally, almost 2,750,000 people had died from COVID-19-related illnesses by late March, 2021. Here at NPH, many family members of children, staff, fundraisers and donors have been affected by it across the countries where we serve. These impacts have been direct, due to illness or death, or indirect, consequences of the lockdowns and the recession, with their effects on education, social life and economic situations. We do remain hopeful, knowing that COVID-19 vaccines are on the way. While not yet distributed widely in the countries where we are located, we hope to vaccinate our populations in the coming months.

Another major challenge were the severe tropical storms that hit Central America in late 2020, causing vast destruction to many communities and families in the region. NPH homes have responded to this with strength, valor and generosity.

A further difficulty has been the political unrest and insecurity in Haiti. We are an apolitical organization and our programs are designed to support the vulnerable, while also helping to break the cycle of poverty. Unfortunately, the current perilous situation has forced us to temporarily close some of our services at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital and in our community school programs, impacting 2,557 vulnerable children and youths. NPH International and the entire NPH family sends our love and prayers to all of its staff and children, whether in our residential facilities or in the communities. We also pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti so that they can find compassion, mercy and love.

During these moments of challenges and despair, we are grateful for all the sponsors, godparents, donors and friends who graciously support our programs that continue to have a vital impact in the countries that we serve. I was fortunate to know Father Wasson personally, an inspiring example of a deep-rooted faith shown in difficult times. He would say, “God will provide. God will show us the way and God will protect this NPH family.” This lives with me, and shall continue to do so. Please let it do the same for you.

May this Easter season inspire us all with new hope, new beginnings filled with love, compassion and faith, all received though God’s divine grace. Have a blessed Easter.

NPH strives to make an impact in the nine countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to vulnerable children and families through education, healthcare, childcare and community programs, as well as responding to crises. You too can make an impact. Make a donation to the NPH family.

Miguel Venegas
Executive Director of NPH International




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