NPH Volunteers: An Irreplaceable Condiment

Yuliza Peralta, who is currently volunteering as the catechist at NPH Peru, tells of the joys of working with children, adapting to the changes caused by COVID-19 and thanking God for being part of NPH.
December 8, 2020 - Peru

Yuliza Peralta embracing a child at Casa Santa Rosa, NPH Peru.

When I decided to become a volunteer, there was no COVID-19. When I left my native Honduras, there were only cases of coronavirus in China. I never thought I would have to face this situation, but I have always said that in every decision we make in life, there is always a consequence both positive or negative, and we have to face these challenges and take on new challenges and see things as an opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally.

This pandemic changed the course of many things.

Adapting to living alone in the volunteer house after living in a small community of volunteers, doing different activities to what are my own, not being able to leave the house at all to get to know a little more about Peru, doing volunteer activities alone, and being a volunteer of all the different children’s homes, to name a few. But I have a point in my favor: a quality that I adapt quickly to changes and I enjoy every stage in my life. God always puts key people when you need them most, so that your life becomes a little lighter.

They say that in a disadvantage, we should always look for an advantage.

Sharing more time with the children and caregivers makes me very happy, getting to know who they are and what they are doing, playing, hugging them, singing, dancing, exercising, laughing out loud, learning together, watching a movie, eating together, giving them a kiss upon their head, when they say to you, “I love you”, and that the little ones know your name and call you Tia Yuliza. All this is priceless. It is a gift, a great blessing and a unique unforgettable experience, where life gives an opportunity to live it and give the best of yourself.

I know that in every moment, I am never alone. I am part of a new and great family and the Holy Trinity and the Virgin Mary are always with me. The Children always ask me, “Tia, do you feel alone now?”

I answer, “No. I am not alone. I live with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and I have all of you who are my new family whom I love with all my heart and enjoy every moment.”

When you want something, you can do it.

There are many things that we are capable of doing to see the children happy and make the best of them: a smile, a thank you, a hug, “I love you, tia”. Listening to them is a wonderful, priceless experience, and every day I thank God for me being at NPH. It was a good decision and a good discernment and to share a time of my life with the children that is very beautiful.

Each volunteer is a pinch of salt, an irreplaceable condiment that gives flavor to something. In this case, it’s to a new and great family, with its way of being and doing, or a drop in the sea that without that drop the sea would not be the same. There are areas that are covered by volunteers and are very important for the house and for the children, and there is no financial resource to hire staff.

We often think a year is a long time, but time with children flies like a butterfly and the day goes by like a lightning bolt. Time passes very quickly and stopping our lives is a nice gesture of love to give it to NPH and the children.

We are accepting applicants for 2021. We encourage qualified applicants to continue applying, and we look forward to welcoming new volunteers to our homes soon.

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Yuliza Peralta
Volunteer Catechist at NPH Peru




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