"The Decision that Changed My Life"

Marion, our learning therapist from Germany, reflects on her decision to join the NPH family.
May 9, 2018 - Peru

Marion, our learning therapist.

Sometimes a wish is just not enough. Decisions may change everything in your life, because they shape whether you will impact others positively or negatively. Marion Nobst knows that. She is one of our volunteers who came from Germany to work in our home as a learning therapist. Here is her testimony:

"In the beginning of 2016, I decided to look for a new challenge in my life. While I was deciding about attending a course or looking for another job, I accidentally found the NPH Germany website, or somehow the web found me. From the first moment I browsed the web, I knew it: This is what I really want to do! Without any hesitation, I sent my application. A few days later I received a pleasant response: they gave me the opportunity to work and live in Peru! So I decided to quit my job, pack my things, take a flight and come to this country. And indeed, I think I could not have made a better decision in my life.

Since February 2017, I have volunteered for NPH Peru. At first, I only supported as a teacher providing therapies to one or two children everyday. Earlier this year, my schedule changed because now I work in the mornings with the therapies, preparing the sessions. At the same time, I am responsible for the visitors who arrive at our house and I must arrange everything for their stay. Then, in the afternoon, there is time for two or three more therapies.

After a short break, in the afternoons I help the caregivers of the San Antonio house, where boys -between 7 and 12 years old- live. After having lunch with these 13 children, I help them to do their homework or sometimes I read ten minutes daily with some of them. Then there is time to play games or watch television before dinner. Finally, I help them to go to bed wishing them good night. That is a very special moment for me and for the children, because almost everyone has to tell me or ask me something before going to sleep. They are very curious!

Many times at NPH, the day is not what you expected as when you woke up. Things change quickly and you have to be very spontaneous, and that is something that I like. NPH is like living together in a big family and sharing happy, fun, crazy and also sad moments. For me, NPH also means giving children a safe home, with people who care for them and give them all the basic things they need, and sometimes, of course, a little more.

Everyday when I am on my way to therapy, I receive a big hug from the children. I like to see them grow and learn new things, at school or even in their free time. I like when the older children go to my therapy sessions and tell me something new.

I am still very happy that I decided to come to Peru and volunteer for NPH. Everyday there is always a moment that makes me smile and lets me know why it is good to be here.

This year I learned to appreciate more than ever that small things in life are the most important. And if you want to change something, you should do it in small steps, or “poco a poco“, as we say here in Peru."

Cindy Supanta   
Communications Officer




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