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Occupational Therapist - currently vacant - 1 job for 13 months in NPH Bolivia.

We are looking for Occupational Therapists. Ideally, the OT would have experience in the education of children with special needs.

Occupational therapy at NPH is a school-based position, where the therapist gives individualized attention to children from the special education classroom as well as to some integrated children who have special needs in certain areas. The therapist is in the school during the normal school schedule and the day is broken into approximately five to six 45 minute therapy sessions (all one-on-one therapy).

Therapy, depending on the child’s needs, focuses on: gross and fine motor skills, concentration and attention, activities of daily living, basic concepts, memory skills, sensory stimulation, and speech and language therapy. Some of the homes have an occupational therapy classroom at the school, which is filled with materials, art supplies, and games. 

The job requires patience and dedication to the children who are being served and a willingness to teacher others how to best serve the needs of these children (both in school and in their home). 



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