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Visitor Coordinator - from Jun 30, 2017 - 1 job for 13 months in NPH Honduras.

An organized individual who can manage all visitors who come to our home. He or she should speak English, Spanish, and preferably German.

At NPH Honduras, we receive many visitors over the course of the year. They may be Padrinos, ex-volunteers, large mission groups, or simply a person with an interest in getting to know NPH better.

The Visitor Coordinator is responsible for organizing all visits to Rancho Santa Fe. The Coordinator will organize transport, housing, and activities for the visitors, and generally make them feel comfortable and welcomed while on the Ranch.

Specific duties may include giving Ranch tours, cleaning visitor housing, picking up and dropping off visitors from the airport, communicating all pre-trip plans via email, and organizing any meetings/activites planned during visits.

A potential volunteer should be responsible, organized, and friendly. He or she should also speak English, Spanish, and ideally German.



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