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NPH El Salvador: Dedicated to Family

Built in the style of our flagship home in Mexico, NPH El Salvador is a self-contained flourishing home located off the main highway between the busier Santa Ana city and smaller town of Texistepeque. Casa Sagrada Familia was established in 1999 as the sixth NPH home. Over 300 children and youths live at the main site while university students live in student homes in Santa Ana.

El Salvador still remains devastated after their 12-year civil war. The rate of violence and crime is very high and many children became orphans because of the war. The NPH property includes a preschool through secondary school, clinic, administrative offices, chapel, vocational workshops, farm and gardens, dining room and kitchen; houses for the boys, girls and the babies.

NPH El Salvador is led by Dora Lemus, along with over 125 dedicated staff.


1999:  First 12 children arrived in Santa Ana
2000:  NPH El Salvador officially registered with government
  Groundbreaking ceremony of new property
  First graduations of primary school
2004:  Construction completed and inauguration of new home “Casa Sagrada Familia”
2005:  Arrival of Regional Director, Rev. Ronald Hicks
2007:  Construction and opening of sewing workshop
  Construction completed on Divino Salvador chapel
  Hosted International Board meeting and First Annual NPH International Soccer tournament
2008:  Three additional workshops open; bakery, carpentry and welding
2009:  Agricultural program began with support from local government
2010:  Computer lab built with local donation
2011:  Youth group “Cristo Paz” began
2012:  Two pequeñas graduated from nursing school
2013:  First university student graduated




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